Spanish series La Resistencia, from Movistar+, stands out as the only Hispanic title in Parrot Analytics’ ranking of the most demanded digital series in the country, while the Mexico’s La rosa de Guadalupe and the Argentina’s El payaso Plim Plim are the only Hispanic titles in the overall ranking.

Turned into the second most watched series in the history of Netflix, Stranger Things continues to conquer audiences internationally and Peru is no exception, where sci-fi title leads the ranking of most popular digital series by Parrot Analytics.

In the week of July 17, the series saw 24.8x more demand than the average series, followed in second place by Prime Video’s The Boys (9.3x) and Hulu’s Ask The StoryBots (6.3x).

In fourth place stands Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy (5.6x), Disney series Moon Knight (fifth, 4.3x) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (sixth, 4.1x), and War of Y, by AIS Play (seventh, 3.7x).

In eighth place is the only series in Spanish on the list, Movistar+’s La Resistencia, with 3.5 times more demand, followed by the Netflix series Maniac (3.2x) and Bridgerton (3.1x), in the last positions.

On the general side, the ranking of the most demanded series in Peru is also led by Stranger Things, followed by children’s productions Spongebob Squarepants (12.5x), PAW Patrol (12x), Peppa Pig (11.9x), El payaso Plim Plim (11.8x) and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (11.4x).

El payaso Plim Plim, from Argentina, is also one of two Hispanic series on the list, along with La Rosa de Guadalupe, from Mexico, in seventh place with 11.11 times more demand.

Masha and the Bear (eighth, 10.9x), Better Call Saul (ninth, 10.7x) and Coachella (tenth, 10.6x) close the ranking.