The initiative, part of the Series Mania Institute, offers 14 intensive weeks of training for TV series writers and producers. The call is now open and runs until May 14.

Laurence Herszberg, Founder and CEO of Series Mania, today announced the launch of the Eureka Series, an intensive 14-week full-time training program for television series writers and producers from all over the world. Europe.

Organized in association with La Fémis, it is an initiative created by the Series Mania Institute, launched in June 2020, to train professionals in the changing TV series industry. The course will be held in Lille, France, from September 6 to December 10, 2021.

The call opens Wednesday, March 23, and will remain open until May 14. You can apply online, here.

Selected participants will have the opportunity to attend this year’s Series Mania Forum (August 30-September 1) in Lille.

Eureka Series will bring together 12 participants (6 writers and 6 producers) of various European nationalities. They will benefit from the support of international professors and professionals, through partnerships with schools such as ECAM (Spain), Lodz Film School (Poland), IFS (Germany), Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Italy) and Westerdals (Norway).

The training course culminates in a two-week residency, at the end of which projects will be presented to a jury of broadcasters, including France Télévisions, RAI (Italy) and ZDF (Germany), which together make up The Alliance.

The Eureka Series will include masterclasses with series creators, showrunners, screenwriters, directors and producers from Europe and beyond, as well as case studies from European series. In addition, the program will include theoretical and practical workshops on the structure, financing and production of series and teamwork on future co-production projects.

“Since we announced the Series Mania Institute last June, we have been working on our mission to strengthen the training of European professionals in the field of series and audiovisual content,” commented Herszberg.

“With the launch of the Eureka Series today, we are nurturing the emergence of new talent from a diversity of backgrounds and backgrounds, and bringing together various nationalities to benefit from the support of international faculty, industry professionals, and our partner schools. We couldn’t be more proud,” she added.

The specific objectives of the Eureka Series include: developing a European creative network to foster the exchange of creative ideas and knowledge; remove barriers between television professionals, uniting writers, directors, producers and broadcasters around a common work culture; and open the industry to more diverse profiles, allowing greater representation in the stories that are told and who is telling them.

Eureka Series is part of the Series Mania Institute, supported by the Hauts-de-France Region and the CNC.