The series created by and starring the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, as well as its film adaptation, were acquired by Mediaset España.

After adding sales in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Greece and Romania, Servant of the People, the 2016 series created by and starring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, will now arrive in Spain.

Distributed by Eccho Rights, the series was acquired by Mediaset España for its free-to-air broadcast in the country.

Created and produced by Zelenski and premiered in November 2015 on channel 1+1, Servant of the People is an intelligent, engaging political satire and, today, an audiovisual document that despite being fiction, allows us to know the origin of the career policy of the Ukrainian president, which has taken on an important role in international news.

Its awards include the Gold Remi Award for Best Television Comedy at the WorldFest in Houston in 2016, the Silver Award at the World Media Festival in Hamburg and the distinction at the Seoul International Drama Awards in 2016, a contest in which fiction was a finalist .

Mediaset España has also acquired the broadcast rights for Servant of the people 2, the film adaptation of the series. Directed by Aleksey Kiryushchenko, the film, distinguished with three nominations at the Ukrainian Film Academy Awards in 2017, brings together Volodomir Zelenski, Evgeniy Koshevoy, and Stanislav Boklan in its cast.

The series features Vasyl Goloborodko (character played by Zelenski), a high school history teacher who one day is secretly recorded by one of his students while delivering a fiery speech against corruption in the Ukrainian government, asking more closeness. After its spread on the internet, the video quickly goes viral and, overnight, a citizen mobilization takes place in its favor that leads the teacher to win the electoral victory at the polls and become the president of Ukraine, after winning over the population and the media. In his new position, full of responsibilities and pressures, Goloborodko keeps intact his messages about truth and honesty and a completely opposite thought to that of his predecessors in office.

Three seasons of the series, as well as a feature film, are available under license from Eccho Rights.