Kanal D International’s Sales Manager shared the company’s delight at the success of its most recent title, Secret of Pearls, a title that debuted in January

*Produced by Rodrigo Ros from Cannes, France.

With renowned actor, screenwriter and producer Yılmaz Erdoğan at the helm, Secret of Pearls is one of the sensations of the new Turkish TV season, so it’s no surprise that the title will headline Kanal D International’s lineup at Miptv 2024.

“The Secret of Pearls premiered on January 25 and we’ve had very, very high ratings,” said Sibel Levendoğlu, Sales Manager, Kanal D International. “It’s a story about a man who goes into jail for allegedly killing his wife. The series starts when he gets out of jail. We learn that the death was an accident and that his eldest daughter is responsible. He seeks out his children, especially his son, who still thinks he killed his mother. He seeks to rebuild his life despite the information about him and everyone’s judgment.”

“[Yılmaz Erdoğan] is a very important person in Turkey: he is a producer, an actor, he has his own theater academy. He has made many, many films and this is the first time he is doing a series,” Levendoğlu shared. “He has a very special pen.”

Erdoğan, who is also a poet among his many other professions, imprints an special characteristic to his texts, which is why KDI believes Secret of Pearls is a drama that must be seen to be understood: “It is not the typical Turkish series, it has all the elements, but with another point of view,” assures the executive.

In terms of targets for Miptv, Levendoğlu shared that while Spain (and, to a lesser extent, Portugal) continues to be an excellent destination for its titles, whether finished or as a format, other countries are starting to become increasingly interested in Turkish content: “Apart from Spain and Portugal, Italy, which is a very closed market, is becoming a little bit more interested [in Turkish dramas],” the executive commented. “We have a lot of interest from Western Europe and we are insisting there, especially in France. There is more encouragement than there was a couple of years ago. The Mediterranean countries, which are a bit closer to Turkish culture, are the ones that have more interest.”