The series is a thriller currently being filmed in Tenerife, and its cast includes the Spanish stars Hugo Silva and Alba Brunet.

The filming of the BBC series Crossfire, co-produced by RTVE, began a few days ago in the Canary Islands, specifically the island of Tenerife.

It is an “exciting thriller” starring British actress Keeley Hawes, leading an international cast that includes the Spanish stars Hugo Silva and Alba Brunet.

Keeley Hawes is the protagonist of Crossfire

Produced by Dancing Ledge Productions, created and written by British writer Louise Doughty, Crossfire is filmed in a luxurious resort in Tenerife.

The series is co-produced by BBC and RTVE, with distribution by Fremantle and in association with Buddy Club Productions. The fiction is directed by Tesssa Hoffe and produced by Alex Mercer.

The cast also includes names like Josette Simon, Anneika Rose, Lee Ingleby, Daniel Ryan, Vikash Bhai, Shalisha James-Davis and Ariyon Bakare.


Three British families spend a few days together in a luxurious hotel on a Spanish island. As she sunbathes on the balcony of her bedroom, Jo’s (Keeley Hawes) world is turned upside down as gunshots echo in the pool where her husband, her children and her friends are enjoying the bathroom. Armed men, eager for revenge, have in an instant turned a piece of paradise into a heartbreaking hell.

With unsuspecting tourists and hotel workers trapped in the facility, Jo tries to save herself and her family members while the killers threaten her lives. To do this, she will have the help of the hotel’s head of security. Crossfire is a thrilling endurance survival thriller that will keep viewers on edge, but also a moving, deep and up-close story.