Consultancy firm Dos30′ presented a report about the growth of Turkish fiction in Spain: between 2018 and 2020, Turkish dramas increased their presence on Spanish TV almost sevenfold.

In January 2018 and after several years of success in Latin America, Atresmedia’s Nova decided to premiere a Turkish drama for the first time in Spain: Fatmagül. And the results were unprecedented.

With a 4.1% share and 744,000 viewers on average, Fatmagül that year became the most watched series in the history of the channel.

Since then, Turkish dramas haven’t stopped growing with multiple premieres on Nova, then Divinity and later on Antena 3 and Telecinco themselves.

But to understand the magnitude of the phenomenon, consultancy firm Dos30′ revealed an investigation on the growth of Turkish fiction in Spain. As per the headline, Turkish dramas went from grabbing 491 hours of programming in 2018 to 3,286 hours in 2020. Almost seven times more.

On Nova, for example, Turkey went from being the third content provider in 2018 to the first and by far in 2021. Mexico and the US were the great displaced.

Something similar happened on Divinity. From being a marginal content provider in 2018, Turkey is already the second by far in 2021.

The big difference between the two channels specialized in telenovelas was that while Nova opted for dramas, Divinty did it mostly for romantic comedies. And the results were mixed. Even so, Turkey has managed to displace Spanish and Brazilian content from the Divinity screen and has reduced the number of hours from US content.

And the phenomenon is now shifting to the main networks from both groups. Once again Atresmedia led the strategy with the premiere of Woman on its screen and, later, with that of My daughter, which is already the most watched Turkish series to date and is also the most watched overall television series of the 2020/21 season.

Telecinco, meanwhile, broadcasts the romantic comedy Love is in the air with positive but not that amazing results.