Produced by Atresmedia TV and Buendía Estudios, the local version will be titled Heridas.

Atresmedia announced on Tuesday that its Spanish adaptation of the Japanese drama Mother (popularized by its Turkish adaptation, Anne) will be called Heridas.

In addition, they confirmed the start of the recordings, which will be extended over the next few months in outdoor and indoor locations in Cádiz, Tarifa, Cabo de Gata, Madrid, Guadalajara and Toledo.

Produced for Antena 3 and Atresplayer Premium, the series will star Adriana Ugarte, Cosette Silguero and María León, who play the main characters in the story.

Along with them, the cast is completed by Javier Collado, Elisabet Gelabert, Sonia Almarcha, Pau Durá, Xoán Fórneas and Iván Marcos, among others.

It will have 13 50-minute episodes. It is a production by Atresmedia TV in collaboration with Buendía Estudios.

Montse García, Sonia Martínez and Eduardo Galdo are the executive producers of this new fiction from the Series Atresmedia label. Lucía Alonso-Allende is an executive co-producer.

Heridas will be directed by Tito López Amado and by Juanma Pachón. Pepe Ripoll and Xavi Guallar are the Production Directors, while Juan León is in charge of the casting.

The scriptwriting team is made up of Eduardo Galdo, Lele Portas, Marco T. Socorro, Joana Ortueta, Humberto Ortega and Natalia García-Prieto.

At the head of the photography direction will be Johnny Yebra and Juan Molina. The Art Director will be Jorge de Soto. Bubi Escobar is the Head of Wardrobe and Pablo Cervantes will be in charge of the music.


Manuela is a young woman who lives alone in a cabin where she studies the Andalusian wetlands. At 28, her life revolves around the birds, those that live there and those that are passing through like her.

A few kilometers from her lives Alba, a seven-year-old girl who never has someone to make her breakfast. Her mother, Yolanda, works at night as a pole dancer and sleeps during the day. Her boyfriend, Lucho, is not about to take care of a girl who is not his. The house is a mess of objects and schedules. Alba, as she can, attends school, many times with nothing in her stomach.

The day Manuela finds little Alba, they will begin a journey that will force Manuela to face the demons of her past and to question the pillars of her life.