This strategic partnership was signed with the objective of identifying, developing and co-producing audiovisual fiction for Portugal and Spain.

A collaboration agreement was signed between SPi and the Galician production company CTV, in order to agree on strategic alliances for the development of international fiction projects.

The agreement, that was celebrated in the Araguaney-Puente de Culturas hotel in Galicia, was signed by the Director of Group SP Televisão, Jorge Marecos, the Director and CFO of SPi, Pedro Rosa, SPi’s Head of Business and Co-productions, Manuel Claro, SPi’s Director of Content, Pedro Lopes, and the President and Director of CTV, Ghaleb Jaber Ibrahim and Xosé Arias, respectively.

The agreement establishes the common development and co-production of two audiovisual fiction projects for the territories of Portugal and Spain, considering the previous experience between both production companies, such as the series Back Home, broadcast by RTP and TVG, and Motel Valkirias, still to premiere.

Jaber Ibrahim underlined that this is a “positive alliance” and that its goal is to “go beyond the Iberian border and go out into the international market with productions of all kinds of genres,” said the president of CTV, adding that both production companies will take advantage of the synergies that arise, “because they always help us to give the best of ourselves through the talent and work of young professionals.” Jaber also made a point of pointing out that “SPi is one of the most important in the Portuguese audiovisual sector and has an experienced team that works for the main private channels in Portugal.”

“Together we will go down the path of internationalization, to build something better than what we do individually.” This is how Jorge Marecos began his speech, guaranteeing that this agreement marks the beginning of a new era in SPi’s business life, in order to ensure its international presence in the audiovisual world. “Together we will have the strength and talent to generate projects for international channels and distributors, making products with realistic budgets, that tell interesting stories, through a universal language, to reach the public”, assured the Director of Grupo SP Televisão.

Manuel Claro, in his turn, assumed that this agreement is a good starting point for the co-development of common productions of “organic stories”, between Portugal and Galicia, due to the powerful connection between the two nations, an element of great added value. “We will work to choose the best projects for the international markets, because together we will be stronger,” said SPi’s Head of Business and Co-productions.

Both parts commit to collaborate in the conception and development of the original idea of each work, as well as in the elaboration and execution of the projects, considering the realization that best fits the needs and circumstances of the market, at that moment, with the objective of achieving high quality productions.

In this regard, each co-production will be conducted by mixed teams, made up of professionals from both production companies. The optimization of resources will also be ensured to guarantee diversity and avoid duplication, in order to create synergies between both sides and achieve a final product of great quality.