The thriller series is being co-produced by SPT and The Mediapro Studio for Claro video.

Production is underway in Colombia for Sony Pictures Television (SPT) and The Mediapro Studio’s thriller series titled Código Implacable for Claro video, it was announced today.

The 10-episode series, which was first announced during LA Screenings in 2019, is the first project as part of a co-development and co-production agreement between the producers.

The series is originally based on a project titled 35 years and Counting created by Ran Tellem (Primetime Emmy Award-winning executive producer of Homeland), Director of International Content Development of The Mediapro Studio, and Mariano Baselga (Executive producer of The Head), Studio’s Content Development Producer.

“We’re excited to start production of this thrilling series in Colombia,” said Ana Bond, SVP and MD, International Production, Latin America and US Hispanic, SPT. “This a high-quality series with a unique narrative and a suspenseful story that keeps the audience engaged in search of answers at every turn.”

“Código Implacable is one of those projects that when you listen the pitch you can see the entire series in front of your eyes. It is an extraordinary thriller, very original in its approach. We also count with a family of talents in front of and behind the camera, who are producing surprising material, which makes us proud as production Studio and encourages us to continue strengthening our productions in America”, said Daniel Burman, Head of Content, The Mediapro Studio US.

“From the moment the idea was born, in a cafe in Madrid to where we are now shooting in Latin America, is a miracle, Código Implacable will show us that people can work together, and if we don’t let age, gender, race get in the way, we have no limits”, said Ran Tellem, Director of International Development Content, The Mediapro Studio.

The series tells the story of an investigative team with different backgrounds and ages determined to solve a case about a serial rapist who has remained at large for 35 years. The team is led by Marcela Beltran, Alfonso Santos, Ángeles Martin Del Campo and Juan Jose Ochoa. Together they manage to catch the rapist, known as “El Perfumado”, only to realize this is just the beginning of the case. His capture will uncover a web of corruption, which will force these agents to stick together if they want to see justice served.

Código Implacables is directed by Joel Novoa, an alum of SPT’s Diverse Directors Program (Cobra Kai). The cast features actress Paulina Gaitán (Narcos) as Marcela, Ana Layevska (La Negociadora) as Ángeles, Pascacio López (Falsa Identidad) as Juan and Guillermo Quintanilla (El Señor de los Cielos) as Alfonso; as well as Ana Claudia Talancon as Natalia (Soy Tu Fan). The series is written by José Miguel Núñez (Emmy award winning writer of El Vato), and executive produced by Madeleine Contreras (La Reina del Sur).

Código Implacable will be distributed worldwide by The Mediapro Studio Distribution and Sony Pictures Television.