Produced by Bambu Producciones with the associated production of La Claqueta, Nacho, An Industry XXX-L will be available through StarzPlay in Spain and Latin America.

StarzPlay, the international premium streaming service from Starz, announced today that it has started production on Nacho, An Industry XXX-L (working title), its second series to be filmed and produced in Spain.

The series will offer an exploration of the “other film industry,” the birth of the porn industry in Spain, inspired by the life of legendary Spanish porn star, Nacho Vidal – produced by Bambu Producciones with the associated production of La Claqueta.

The series will be available through StarzPlay in Spain and Latin America.

Martiño Rivas (Cable Girls, El Internado) stars as Nacho Vidal, and María de Nati (El buen patron, Entrevías) portrays Sara Bernat, the first woman who discovered that his extraordinarily pleasurable talent offered the world much more than simply sex. Andrés Velencoso (Elite, Velvet) also joins the cast as Toni Roca, the golden boy of porn until Nacho Vidal arrived.

Nacho, An Industry XXX-L (working title) tells the dramatic yet comedic story of the real people behind the porn industry -which generates more than 500 million euros per year in Spain- their humanity and the hilarious lives they live. Proving his talents reach far beyond his most infamous 25 cm, Nacho changed the rules of the game in the 1990s when he became an international superstar. That’s where his story begins, when he discovers that he had been born with a gift that he could use to stand on his own two feet.

Nacho, An Industry XXX-L (working title), is executive produced by Teresa Fernández-Valdés who also serves as the showrunner, and Ramón Campos. The eight-episode series is written by Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Gema R. Neira, María José Rustarazo and Flora G. Villanueva and directed by David Pinillos, Beatriz Sanchís and Eduardo Casanova.

“We are excited to take our audience for the dramatic yet comedic, wild ride of Nacho Vidal and the real men and women of the 90s porn industry,” said Jeff Cooke, Senior Vice President, Programing, International Digital Networks for Starz. “We are fortunate to partner with Bambu Productions, who is known for its wonderful story telling, reinforcing our commitment to co-producing locally made and culturally relevant content.”