Unquestionably the breakthrough series of the past season, Money Heist has taken over every popularity ranking in the last few months.

However, the Netflix Spanish original was dethroned in its own country of origin this week, where it was surprisingly surpassed in terms of audience demand by Netflix’s other gem, Stranger Things.

Analyzing the demand for series in Spain on the week of August 19-25, Parrot Analytics’ most recent ranking places the fiction series in first place with 13,084,628 Average Demand Expressions (ADE).

Far behind in second place comes Money Heist with 4.708.114 ADE, followed by Mindhunter (3.665.355), also by Netflix, which took over the first seven spots in the ranking.

In fourth place comes the second surprise in the ranking: Cable Girls, with 3.232.799 ADE, is the only other Spanish series on the list, and the second of only three Hispanic series alongside Narcos (sixth place, 3.070.392 ADE).

Orange Is The New Black ranks fifth with 3.207.300 ADE), while 13 Reasons Why ranks seventh 2.884.932 ADE, completing Netflix’s appearences on the list.

The ranking is completed by Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale (2.727.850 ADE), The Boys by Amazon Prime Video (2.630.376 ADE) and Titans by DC Universe (2.452.239 ADE), in eighth, ninth and tenth place, respectively.

Without surprises, Stranger Things also leads the general ranking of most demanded series in Spain, where the HBO hit series, Euphoria, follows in second place with 1,488,797 ADE.

Grey’s Anatomy completes the podium in third place with 1,400,360 ADE, followed by The Walking Dead (1,325,411 ADE) and The 100 (1,207,611 ADE) in fourth and fifth place.

Game of Thrones takes over fifth place with 1,190,069 ADE, followed by Vikings with 1,085,696 ADE and The Good Doctor with 1,054,540 ADE.

Animated series Peppa Pig with 1,014,149 ADE, and Titans again, complete the list in the last two positions.