The Uruguayan version of the Fremantle talent show will premiere “very soon” on the broadcast network.

Teledoce from Uruguay continues to add international entertainment formats to its programming grid with the arrival now of 100 Uruguayos dicen, the local version of Fremantle’s Family Feud.

The host of the show, which will be released “very soon”, will be Maxi de la Cruz, a well-known local actor and host.

In the show, two groups of four people will compete against each other to name the most popular answers to miscellaneous questions in order to win a prize money.

Those popular responses are drawn from a survey conducted virtually by local polling company Cifra. In this, 100 people who live in Uruguayan territory of different ages and genders are chosen, in order to obtain a sample percentage.

The Uruguayan adaptation of Family Feud – which already had a version produced by Saeta Canal 10 in 2008 (¿Qué dice la gente?) – joins more than 70 other international versions already released around the world.

In 2020, the format returned to Latin America with versions in Argentina (El Trece) and Brazil (SBT), while in 2021 it premiered in August in Chile (Channel 13).