The Paramount network has added 51 consecutive months as the leader of broadcast TV in Argentina.

Telefe, a brand owned by Paramount, is #1 in ratings once again, achieving an average share of 43.55% and 8.75 rating points in March. Telefe has held onto the #1 spot for 51 consecutive months.

In March, Telefe continued to lead in every time slot: from 12 to 4 pm, it captured 38.74% share and 6.77 rating points; from 4 pm to 8 pm, 46.13% share and 8.30 rating points, and from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. 45.08% share and 11.18 rating points.

Additionally, eight of the ten most-watched shows in March all aired on Telefe:

MasterChef Celebrity, Gala de Eliminación – 69.75% de share y 14.43 rating points
El Primero de Nosotros – 43.63% de share and 13.65 rating points
MasterChef Celebrity – 51.20% de share and 13.53 rating points
Fugitiva – 43.60% de share and 2.05 rating points
Telefe Noticias – 42.40 % de share and 10.94 rating points
Zuleyha – 46.09% de share and 10.10 rating points
Soñar Contigo – 50.96% de share and 9.61 rating points
Dulce Ambición – 54.98 % de share and 9.60 rating points

Telefe dominated mornings with Flor de Equipo, which led in its time slot with 31.85% share and 5.18 rating points, followed by El Noticiero de la Gente, which led with 38.26% share and 7.76 rating points.

The afternoons also belong to Telefe, with Corta por Lozano continuing to be an audience favorite with 40.32% share and 7.49 rating points; in addition, audiences flock to Telefe’s compelling love stories, which also lead in their time slots.

Telefe’s primetime remains strong, with several of its shows in the Top 10, including Telefe Noticias, the telenovela Fugitiva, the premiere of the highly-anticipated scripted series El Primero de Nosotros, the third season of MasterChef Celebrity, NETT which achieved 40.94% share and 6.25 rating points, and Staff de Noticias, which attained a 44.08% share and 4.69 rating points.

On weekends, Telefe also commanded the airwaves with the always fun Pasapalabra earning a 37.67% share and 6.71 rating points on Saturdays and 38.65% share and 38.65 rating points on Sundays; Por el Mundo, with 39.78% share and 6.06 rating points on Saturdays and 46.12% share and 9.16 rating points on Sundays; and MasterChef Celebrity Gala. March featured the La Peña de Morfi special and its tribute to Gerardo Rozín, which achieved a 61.82% share and 9.09 rating points.

In digital, reached 7.8 million unique users and 17.7 million views. The top three most-watched shows were MasterChef Celebrity, Soñar Contigo, and Fugitiva. El Primero de Nosotros also had a stellar performance on digital, achieving 7.6 million views.3

In April, Telefe presents the return of PH, Podemos Hablar with Andy Kusnetzoff and new topics; the grand finale of MasterChef Celebrity; MasterChef, La Revancha, an exciting duel between the best contestants from the past three seasons; the premiere of A la Barbarossa, which will feature news, cooking, and humor with Georgina’s unique style; and a new season of La Peña de Morfi. All this and more will make it an unforgettable month of entertainment to enjoy with the whole family.