The ATV drama will make its debut “very soon” on the Argentine channel.

Hercai, ATV’s Turkish drama, will add a new screen in Latin America with its arrival in Argentina.

Telefe announced the premiere of the Turkish drama that will hit its screen “very soon.”

Produced by MIA Yapim, the series recently premiered on Imagen TV in Mexico and Telemundo in the US Hispanic and has already enjoyed success in more than 100 countries around the world, including Spain and several in Latin America such as Chile, Panama, Puerto Rico, Peru, Nicaragua, Panama and Guatemala.

The story takes place in the ancient city of Midyat, in the province of Mardin in Turkey, and tells the story of Reyyan Sadoglu (Şahin) and Miran Aslanbey (Akinözü); an impossible love that was born out of revenge and betrayal.

The plot unfolds as Miran carries out his plan of revenge to honor the death of her parents, an act of anger instilled by her grandmother, who makes him believe that her parents were killed by him. Reyyan’s father.