The television consultancy firm revealed to ttvnews its selection of the most outstanding fiction premieres of the last month around the world.

The television consultancy firm Teleformat revealed to ttvnews its selection of the 33 most outstanding fiction series among the premieres of May.

The list includes shows from traditional markets such as the US and Europe, as well as several Hispanic premieres from Spain and Latin American countries such as Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

Next, the most outstanding fiction premieres of May:

DI Ray

DI Ray (Detective Inspector Ray, alluding to the female lead) is a four-episode police drama series starring Parminder Nagra as Rachita Ray, a Birmingham police detective who gets the promotion she’s been hoping for when she’s finally asked to join to a homicide investigation. However, she soon realizes that the case she has been assigned to is a crime dubbed “culturally specific homicide”, so Rachita suspects that she has been singled out for the investigation because of her ethnicity rather than her own. her ability.

Country: UK
Network: ITV
Producer: Hat Trick Mercurio Television (HTM)
Distribution: Anton Corp / Hat Trick International

Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters is a four-episode action-thriller drama that revolves around two friends, Sarah and Kemi, who become fugitives after murdering Kola, the powerful businessman Sarah is dating. marry. The violence that he exerted on her fiancée makes her, after telling Kemi, decide to cancel the wedding, with the consequent attack of Kola’s anger that leads the two women to kill Kola in self-defense the day before the link. .

Country: Nigeria
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Producer: EbonyLife Studios

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a series conceived as a spin-off of Star Trek: Discovery that follows the adventures of Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), the Number One officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise (Rebecca Romijn) and Officer Spock (Ethan Peck) as they explore new worlds around the galaxy a decade before Captain Kirk boarded the same ship.

Country: United States
Network: Paramount+ (SVOD)
Producer: CBS Television Studios / Roddenberry Entertainment / Secret Hideout

The Staircase

The Staircase is a dramatic series based on the true events that were narrated in the French documentary Soupçons (2004, Canal Plus; expanded by Netflix in 2018). The series explores the life of Michael Peterson (Colin Firth, Pride and Prejudice), a North Carolina mystery writer, his growing family, and the mysterious death of his wife Kathleen Peterson (Toni Collette, United States of Tara, Unbelievable ), who was found dead at the foot of the stairs of her house. The writer was charged with the murder and imprisoned; the trial dragged on for more than 16 years.

Country: United States
Network: HBO Max (SVOD)
Producer: Annapurna Television / HBO


Annarasumanara (The Sound of Magic) is a heartwarming six-episode drama series starring Yoon Ah-yi, a teenager who has had to grow up too quickly, and Rieul, a mysterious magician who, despite being an adult, wants to remain little boy. Unfortunately, Ah-yi has only known the hardest aspects of her life: when her father was taken away because of numerous debts, her mother abandoned her and her younger sister.

Country: South Korea
Network: Netflix (SVOD) Series-drama 60 min
Producer: JTBC Studio

Bienvenidos a Edén

Bienvenidos al Eden (Welcome to Eden) is a youth thriller that tells the story of Zoa and four other attractive young people who are very active on social media. They all receive an invitation from a new beverage brand to travel to a secret island and celebrate the most exclusive and extravagant party in history, a curious experience that changes their lives forever. To get there they just have to answer a simple question and, if they exert enough “influence” among their followers, they will magically appear in paradise.

Country: Spain
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Producer: Brutal Media

Bosch: Legacy

Bosch: Legacy (Bosch: Legacy) is a sequel to the police series Bosch (2014-21). After turning in his badge and leaving the Los Angeles Police Department, Detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) is now a private investigator working with his former rival, attorney Money Chandler (Mimi Rogers), while the daughter of Bosch, Maddie, played by Madison Lintz, follows in her father’s footsteps at the police department.

Country: United States
Network: Freevee (VOD)
Production company: Amazon Studios / Fabel Entertainment

17 Sai no Teikoku

17 Sai no Teikoku (Empire of 17 Years) is a five-part NHK drama series that combines politics and science fiction. In the year 202X, Japan has a pdeep sense of stagnation and has been described by the world as a country in decline. In order to free himself from this endless situation, Prime Minister Washida (Akira Emoto) launches the experimental project Utopi-AI.

Country: Japan
Network: NHK G
Producer: NHK

Aslinda Özgürsün

Aslinda Özgürsün (You Really Are Free) is a drama-series from Witchcraft Films based on a novel of the same name by Duygu Asena and a 2019 play. It tells the story of two women in their 40s, Belgin (Bade Iscil , Ask 101) and Berna (Deniz Çakir, Masumiyet), who challenge the norms imposed by society and men. Although they lead very different lives, the two childhood friends have to deal with similar problems and are in search of their freedom and identity. Belgin is a hopeless married woman and Berna is in love with love.

Country: Turkey
Network: GAIN (VOD)
Production company: Witchcraft Films

42 días en la oscuridad

42 Days in the Dark is a six-episode drama starring Cecilia, a woman immersed in a desperate mission to find Veronica, her missing sister, if possible alive. In her race against the clock, the protagonist has to deal with the negligence of the authorities, the prejudices of society and the media harassment. Víctor Pizarro, the lawyer who takes on the case, is another of the main characters.

Country: Chile
Network: Netflix
Producer: Fábula TV


Oussekine is a four-episode miniseries that explores the horrific true events of December 5, 1986, leading to the death of a young student, Malik Oussekine, after a beating during a police intervention. The fiction focuses on his family’s fight for justice and the impact his death had on French society.

Country: France
Network: Disney+ (SVOD)
Producer: Itinéraire Prod

Savage Beauty

Savage Beauty is a drama that tells the story of Zinhle Manzini (Rosemary Zimu), a young woman who was subjected to an experiment with a toxic product 15 years ago directed by Don and Grace Bhengu (Dumisani Mbebe and Nthati Moshesh, respectively). for a major cosmetic company.

Country: South Africa
Network: Netflix (SVOD)

Modern Love Mumbai

Modern Love: Mumbai (Modern Love: Mumbai) is an anthology series based on the American fiction Modern Love by John Carney, which inspires its chapters in stories that citizens send to the New York Times newspaper. On this occasion, the series uses the city of Mumbai as a backdrop to present us with unique but universal love stories in their different forms: romantic, platonic, parental, sexual, family, marital and self-love.

Country: India
Network: Amazon Prime Video (SVOD)
Producer: Pritish Nandy Communications (PNC)

The Essex Serpent

The Essex Serpent is a six-part limited series based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Sarah Perry and set in Victorian England. The plot revolves around a London widow named Cora Seaborne (Claire Danes, Homeland), who, after the death of her abusive husband, moves to the small town of Aldwinter in Essex to investigate a strange mythological snake that has been sighted several times. times. There she establishes a link between the esoteric and the scientific with Will Ransome (Tom Hiddleston, Loki), the local priest.

Country: UK
Network: Apple TV+ (SVOD)
Production Company: See-Saw Films

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer is a legal drama based on The Brass Verdict (2008), the second play by author Michael Connelly starring the character he introduced in the popular novel The Lincoln Lawyer, which was adapted as a film starring Matthew McConaughey in 2011. The story centers on Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Goliath), an iconoclastic idealist who practices law from the back of his Lincoln Town car as he tackles cases big and small in the city ​​of Los Angeles.

Country: United States
Network: Netflix (SVOD)
Producer: A+E Studios

Conversations with Friends

Conversations with Friends is a 12-episode drama series based on Sally Rooney’s first novel of the same name. The fiction, set in Dublin, follows the lives of two university students who find themselves involved in complicated romantic and class dynamics. Frances, the protagonist, is 21 years old and fluctuates through a series of events that force her to face her own vulnerabilities for the first time.

Country: UK
Network: BBC Three
Producer: Element Pictures Endeavor Content Distribution (WME-IMG)

The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Time Traveler’s Wife is a science fiction romance series based on the novel of the same name by Audrey Niffen.egger which was previously adapted as a film starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams in 2009. This television version created by Steven Moffat (Sherlock) tells the story of Claire Abshire (Rose Leslie, The Good Fight) and Henry (Theo James, Sanditon) , a marriage that has a problem: time travel.

Country: United States
Network: HBO
Production Company: Hartswood Films/Warner Bros. Television


Angelyne (Name of the protagonist) tells the true story of an American singer, actress and model who rose to fame in the 1980s, after making an appearance on a billboard that she commissioned to create herself in the city of Los Angeles. , Calif. The young woman appeared posing quite suggestively and that is how she caught the attention of the local media.

Country: United States
Network: Peacock (SVOD)
Production company: Anonymous Content / Composition 8 / Esmail Corp / The Hollywood Reporter/Universal Content Productions

Chuan Jia

Chuan Jia (Heritage) is a drama series broadcast daily on Youku TV. Set in the 1920s, through its 45 episodes follows the story of the three daughters (Zhong Ling, Zhong yu and Zhong Xiu) of the owner of the Xinghua department store in Shanghai. The confrontation between these sisters comes when it must be decided who will guarantee the continued prosperity of the family by inheriting the great company.

Country: China
Network: Youku Series-drama 45 min
Producer: Dongyang / Huanyu

Kansan vihollinen

Kansan vihollinen (Enemy of the People) is a thriller series in which we follow journalist Katja Salonen (Kreeta Salminen), who begins to dig into the shady dealings of a well-known soccer star; her search for the truth will start an avalanche of events that will lead to her murder and will endanger not only her reputation but also her life.

Country: Finland
Network: C More (SVOD)
Producer: Fire Monkey Productions
Distribution: REinvent Studios

Night Sky

Night Sky is a science fiction series from writer Holden Miller and producer Daniel C. Connolly (The Son) that follows the story of Franklin (J.K. Simmons, Counterpart) and Irene York (Sissy Spacek, Bloodline), a couple who years ago discovered a secret chamber buried in the backyard of their house and that inexplicably leads to a strange planet completely deserted.

Country: United States
Network: Amazon Prime Video (SVOD)
Production Company: Amazon Studios / Legendary Television / Mosaic Media Group

Now & Then

Now & Then is a thriller that explores the differences between youthful aspirations and the reality of adult life. In this story set in Miami, it shows how the lives of a group of college friends change after a weekend of partying, where one of them ends up dead. His companions decide to hide the details of what happened and move on with their lives. Now, 20 years later, the survivors are reunited when a threat puts their seemingly perfect lives at risk.

Country: Spain
Network: Apple TV+ (SVOD)
Producer: Bamboo Productions

Schule am Meer

Schule am Meer (School by the Sea) is a telefilm series set in the Flensburg Fjord. Katharina Henriks is the director of a vocational school. The arrival of food blogger Erik Olsen as a visiting professor does not particularly please the protagonist, but the vague discomfort turns directly into a confrontation when she learns that he has encouraged Jonas, one of his students, to drop out of school without knowing about his family problems. .

Country: Germany
Network: ARD
Producer: Nordfilm

Todo por Lucy

Todo por Lucy is an Amazon Prime Video romantic comedy that takes as its starting point the classic American sitcom of the 50s, I Love Lucy. In this modern and reimagined Latin American version, Lucy lives in the 21st century and wants madly to be in love with her, but without giving up her independence.

Country: Mexico
Network: Amazon Prime Video (SVOD)
Producer: Elefantec Global / Endemol Shine Boomdog
Distribution: ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group

An Ye Xing Zhe

An Ye Xing Zhe (Walker in the Dark Night) is a series on the iQiyi TV streaming platform. It has a total of 24 episodes from which the story of Luo Xiang, an anti-narcotics policeman, who fakes his death while carrying out an undercover operation, is told. Five years later, he lives under a new name, but he needs to pretend to be the same as before and infiltrate the drug cartel.

Country: China
Network: iQIYI
Producer: Beijing Times


Jos is a 10-episode dramedy series that centers on a kind-hearted father in an ungrateful world. Jos (Diederik Ebbinge) is a sincere, genuine and kind person. He always walks with good intentions, he is present for hisyou are loved and help everyone. However, he is also a bit naive and the fact that he is somewhat out of place socially means that Jos does not always have a good understanding of the world around him.

Country: Netherlands
Network: NPO3
Production company: AVROTROS / NL Film (Banijay)

Hwanggeum Gamyeon

Hwanggeum Gamyeon (Golden Mask) is a 100-episode soap opera about the lives of three women, inordinate desire, and greed. Each one seeks how to face the challenges of her life, survive adversity and be happy. Yoo Soo Yeon (Cha Ye Ryun) is a girl who came from a humble family and now has a comfortable life having married a big businessman.

Country: South Korea
Network: KBS2
Producer: I Will Media Corporation

Le Flambeau

Le Flambeau (The Torch) is a nine-episode comedy, born as a sequel to La Flamme, in which couples shows like The Bachelor were parodied. With the same parodic tone as its predecessor, the fiction once again has Marc (Jonathan Cohen) as the protagonist and this time it focuses on the parody of survival reality shows in the style of Survivor or Koh-Lanta. After passing through the matchmaking program, Marc is part of a team of adventurers trying to survive on the paradisiacal island of Chupacabra.

Country: France
Network: Channel+ (SVOD)
Producer: Canal+ / Between 2 and 4 / Making Prod

Tudo igual…SQN

Todo lo mismo…SQN (Everything the same, or not) is the first Brazilian fiction for the Disney + platform. This comedy, based on the young adult novel Na porta ao lado (Next Door) by Irena Freitas and Luiza Trigo, tells the story of a teenager (Carol) and her best friends who start a new year at high school with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

Country: Brazil
Network: Disney+ (SVOD)
Producer: Cinefilm

H Géfira

H Géfira (The Bridge) is the Greco-Turkish version of the Scandinavian series Bron/Broen, broadcast on the Swedish Network SVT1 and the Danish DR1 and also adapted in the United States under the title of The Bridge (FX) and in the United Kingdom as The Tunnel (SkyAtlantic). A corpse symbolically placed on the border line of the bridge that connects Greece with Turkey forces the Greek police Sofia Bakalis (Manto Giannikou) and the Turkish Kenan Karaman (Burak Hakki) to investigate the case of the unusual murder.

Country: Greece
Network: ANT1+ (SVOD)
Producer: Black Orange

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Name of the protagonist) is the third spin-off in the form of a live action series developed by Disney on the Star Wars film saga after The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. Initially, the company wanted to make a movie about the character but, after the box office failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story, decided to cancel the project in 2018; later he recovered it but in the form of a series after the success of its predecessors and the affection of the fans for the character.

Country: United States
Network: Disney+ (SVOD)
Producer: Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Pictures
Distribution: Disney+

Dag & nat

Dag & nat (Day and Night) is an eight-episode drama from famed Danish director Lone Scherfig (An education, The Astronaut Wives Club) that revolves around matron Ella (Sofie Gråbøl) and her crew as they struggle to toast mothers, newborns and family members the best possible treatment despite severe staff shortages. Midwives and doctors are exhausted, the wing is understaffed and overcrowded, and a woman cannot be rushed into delivery.

Country: Denmark
Network: TV2
Producer: Creative Alliance
Distribution: Beta Film


Pistol (The title refers to the name of the mythical band Sex Pistols) is a limited series about the famous British punk music band Sex Pistols, based on the memoirs of their guitarist Steve Jones. This television adaptation of the book Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol offers a fascinating new perspective on the arrival of the Sex Pistols and the huge impact of the release of their first and only studio album, Never Mind the Bollocks, on the British culture.

Country: United States
Network: Hulu (SVOD)
Production company: FX Productions / wiip