Canal RCN has licensed the first two seasons of its hit telenovela to the NBCUniversal International Networks’ channel in Africa.

Canal RCN’s award-winning production, La Ley del Corazón (Heart´s Decree), has arrived in Africa, having been licensed for two seasons from Canal RCN by NBCUniversal International Networks owned Telemundo Africa.

Featuring stories and legal cases based on real-life events, the series has captivated viewers from Colombia, the United States, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico.

The criminal and family law cases featured in the series develop at the same time as the love story develops between Julia Escallón (Laura Londoño) and Pablo Domínguez (Luciano D’Alessandro) – two family law attorneys who are brought together by chance, just as he has signed his divorce papers and she is about to get married.

The series, winner of 15 TVyNovelas awards and an India Catalina, was written by Mónica Agudelo (RIP) and Felipe Agudelo, and directed by Víctor Mallarino and Sergio Osorio. D’Alessandro and Londoño lead a cast that includes Rodrigo Candamil, Mabel Moreno, Lina Tejeiro, Sebastián Martínez, Juan Pablo Barragán, Judy Henríquez and Carlos Benjumea.