As part of Natpe Miami Virtual, TGS presented its plans for 2021, including new original productions, such as La suerte de Loli, Buscando a Frida, Malverde and La reina del sur 3.

During the first day of the Natpe Virtual Miami 2021 edition, which will take place from Tuesday 19 to Friday 22, Telemundo Global Studios (TGS) held its screening in which it presented its production news for this year.

The 30-minute presentation entitled Unconditionally Brave, was made by actress and producer Kate Del Castillo, protagonist of La reina del sur 3 and Armas de mujer, brand new titles.

Ready for 2021, TGS presented fictions such as La suerte de Loli, Buscando a Frida, Malverde, Armas de mujer and La reina del sur 3.

“We are beginning a new period in which we are very optimistic,” said Marcos Santana, president of TGS.

Likewise, the executive highlighted the work carried out by TGS during 2020 under the guidelines of the new normal due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the challenges it presented.

“The year that we have just gone through was very difficult. However, Telemundo Global Studios allowed us to take the first step in the US in terms of fiction. There were four productions that we managed to culminate with great results. This year put us in an unparalleled situation to move forward,” he stressed.

“For 2021 we plan to start 7 to 9 products with original stories and quality in the staging. Our strategy as of this year is to continue producing for our network and with companies such as Netflix, Movistar, Amazon and our group’s new platform: Peacock”.

“We are producing projects for these platforms at the same time as large co-productions that we will announce very soon. We are working hand in hand with NBC Studios for future projects, as well as hand in hand with NBCUniversal Global Distribution we are working very hard to expand our brand and our presence in markets outside of Latin America”.

“We are in full pre-production for La reina del sur, a super ambitious production and once again surprised by Arturo Pérez-Reverte to return with a third season. For the first time, I have the feeling that this season will be something very big. It will be a production that will bring a visual proposal, acting and a story that we have never seen,” he concluded.

Throughout the screening, and as a documentary, it was possible to see part of the behind the scenes of productions such as La suerte de Loli, Buscando a Frida, Malverde or the original dramedy produced for Peacock, Armas de mujer; as well as comments from those responsible for these projects, which are being produced with the highest quality standards and health safety protocols in the US and Mexico.

Sebastián Ortega, TGS Development Director, commented that in this first year since the Underground production company became part of the NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises family, more than 20 new projects have already been developed, some of which will be produced during 2021. Among them are: El marginal, with its seasons 4 and 5; and the remake of Historia de un clan and Diarios de un gigolo, which will be produced between the US, Mexico and Argentina.