The series is created by Sebastián Ortega and produced by 11:11 Films & TV for the Hispanic network.

Telemundo announced the premiere date of the new series Parientes a la Fuerza, produced by 11:11 Films & TV, which will reach Hispanic audiences in the US on Tuesday, October 26 at 9:00 p.m.

Created by Sebastián Ortega, the series is written by Rosa Clemente and Raul Prieto, and directed by Gustavo Loza, Danny Gavidia and Felipe Aguilar.

Marcos Santana, Karen Barroeta, Mariana Iskandarani and Andrea Salas are the executive producers for Telemundo Global Studios. Juancho Cardona and Manolo Cardona are the executive producers for 11:11 Films & TV.

This new drama stars Guy Ecker (The Lord of the Skies, The Inmante) and Bárbara de Regil (Rosario Tijeras), who makes her debut on Telemundo.

The star cast also includes Michel Duval and Chantal Andere as antagonists; and the special participation of Carmen Aub and Lisa Owen. The main cast also includes the participation of Antonio de la Vega, Salvador Zerboni, Alejandro Ávila and Mauricio Garza.


Pariente a la fuerza is a story that takes place in Los Angeles and centers on George Cruz (Ecker), a famous 50-year-old Hollywood screenwriter who suffers a mid-life crisis in the shadow of his only success, the death of his mother and the betrayal of his wife Leticia (Andere).

His frustration, loneliness and feeling of failure, coupled with his mother’s last wish, lead him to the other side of the border in Mexico where he meets Carmen Jurado (from Regil), a beautiful Mexican singer who becomes his muse, his star and his great love. George regains the inspiration and happiness that make him feel alive. But love does not come only when two families come together, and the contrasts between the Jurado family and the Cruzes will create fun situations and others that will touch the hearts of the public.