Locally titled Te acuerdas de mí, the new series will make its debut on Monday, January 18 on Las Estrellas.

In production since September, Televisa has now announced the imminent premiere of Te acuerdas de mi, its new prime time series for Las Estrellas.

The 86-episode telenovela will hit Mexican screens next Monday, January 18, at 9:30 p.m.

It is the adaptation of the Turkish drama Queen of The Night (Gecenin Kraliçesi), produced by O3 Medya and broadcast in Turkey in 2016 by Star TV.

The original version, distributed by Global Agency, aired in Chile under the title Selin: un amor inolvidable.

The Mexican adaptation of the story was in charge of Zaría Abreu, Tania Teresita Tinajero, Luis Fernández de Gamboa, Paulina Barros and Pablo Aramendi, with the literary advice of Larissa Andrade.

The acuerdas de mí is a production by Carmen Armendariz, and the stage direction is by Francisco Franco and Nelinho Acosta. Juan Carlos Lazo and Rodrigo Rodríguez are in charge of the photography direction.

Televisa’s fiction stars the popular Gabriel Soto and Fátima Molina.

It tells the story of Pedro Cáceres (Gabriel Soto) and Vera Solís (Fátima Molina), who know and fall in love deeply in the town of San Ginés. Both are unaware that the crimes of their parents, in which they have no part or guilt, will endanger their happiness.

Guillermo García Cantú, Alejandro de la Madrid, María Penella, Samuel Ledezma, Rebecca Jones, Ana Bertha Espín, Helena Rojo, Moisés Arizmendi, Pedro Sicard, Federico Ayos, Marisol del Olmo, Enoc Leaño also take part in the cast of Te acuerdas de me. , Emilio Guerrero, Markin López, Antón Araiza, Natalia Téllez and Nina Rubín, among others.