The 10 Most-Binged Hispanic Series of 2019 and the 5 Most Anticipated for 2020

TV Time revealed to ttvnews the ranking of the 10 most-binged Spanish-language series in 2019 and the five Spanish-language series that audiences are most excited for in 2020.

With the year coming to an end and trends now set, TV Time has revealed to ttvnews the list of the 10 most-binged Spanish-language series in 2019, which add up to millions of daily views.

Monitoring over 10 million reactions a month and measuring what audiences are watching around the world, the app publishes its Binge Report, Anticipation Report and Shows On The Rise ranking, while commercializing its platform TVLytics, which grants access to all the data generated.

In regard to Spanish-language series, it’s no surprise that the list is led by Money Heist, the original Netflix series which this year premiered its third season.

The podium is completed by another two Netflix Spanish originals: Elite and Cable Girls. Spain, in fact, takes up the top five spots.

From Latin America, series like The Queen of Flow, Go! Live Your Way, The House of Flowers and The Inmate all made their way into the list.

Up next, the 10 most-binged Hispanic series of 2019:

1 – Money Heist (Netflix)

2 – Elite (Netflix)

3 – Cable Girls (Netflix)

4 – Vis a vis (Fox España)

5 – High Seas (Netflix)

6 – The Queen of Flow (Univision)

7 – Go! Live Your Way (Netflix)

8 – The House of Flowers (Netflix)

9 – Narcos: Mexico (Netflix)

10 – The Inmate (Telemundo)

And TV Time also revealed to ttvnews the list of the five most anticipated Hispanic series of the new year, which includes four Spanish productions and one from the US Hispanic market:

Top 5 Most Anticipated Hispanic Series of 2020:

1 – Vis a Vis: The Oasis (Fox Spain)

2 – Selena: The Series (Netflix)

3 – Patria (HBO Spain)

4 – Néboa (TVE)

5 – Alguien tiene que morir (Netflix)