Whip Media exclusively revealed to ttvnews the Top 20 most viewed series in Spanish throughout the world in 2021.

The consultancy and digital firm, Whip Media, mother company of TV Time and Whip Media Exchange, revealed exclusively for ttvnews the Top 20 most watched series in Spanish throughout the world this past year.

The list takes into account the data from its TV Time app, in which more than 19 million people from all over the world mark all their viewed content and the feelings it generates in them.

And when it comes to 2021, the big winner was the Spanish series Elite, which premiered its fourth season this year.

Produced by Zeta Audiovisual and created by Darío Madrona and Carlos Montero, the series has become throughout its four seasons a phenomenon not only within Spain and Latin America, but also worldwide.

Second place, as predicted, went to Money Heist, which premiered its final season a few days ago and continues to add viewings around the world.

The podium was completed by the Mexican series Who Killed Sara?, which surprised this year with two seasons that went viral worldwide and that finally gave Latin America its Money Heist moment.


Although multiple platforms have launched internationally in recent months, Netflix remains the quintessential global platform. And for the series in Spanish, it remains undoubtedly the great international springboard.

Both statements are reflected in the Top 20 series in Spanish, almost entirely dominated by Netflix. Several series from other screens such as Atresplayer Premium, Caracol TV, Telecinco or Fox Spain, in fact, entered this Top 20 thanks to having been sold to Netflix.

HBO Max with 30 Coins and Amazon Prime Video with El internado: Las Cumbres were the only ones that managed to but through Netflix’s reign.


Of the 20 most popular series in Spanish, 13 were produced in Spain and seven in Latin America, a territory in which Mexico also dominates with 4 series. The rest came from US Hispanic (2) and Colombia (1).

Thus, although Spain continues to dominate, it is clear that Latin America is beginning to narrow differences, a trend that will most likely continue.

Here are the 20 most viewed series in Spanish of 2021 according to Whip Media:

1. Elite (Netflix)

2. Money Heist (Netflix)

3. Who Killed Sara? (Netflix)

4. Sky Rojo (Netflix)

5. The Innocent (Netflix)

6. Control Z (Netflix)

7. Valeria (Netflix)

8. Cable Girls (Netflix)

9. The Cook of Castamar (ATRESplayer Premium)

10. Locked Up (Fox España)

11. The Mess You Leave Behind (Netflix)

12. The Five Juanas (Netflix)

13. The Queen of Flow (Caracol TV)

14. 30 Coins (HBO Max)

15. The Barrier (ATRESplayer Premium)

16. Dark Desire (Netflix)

17. Unauthorized Living (Netflix)

18. Luis Miguel: The Series (Netflix)

19. The Boarding School: Las Cumbres (Amazon Prime Video)

20. El Chapo (Univision)