Distributed by The Mediapro Studio Distribution, the series will premiere on February 7th and will be available to all users of the platform in Austria, Germany, the German-speaking region of Luxembourg and Switzerland, as well as in Ireland and the UK.

The Head, the series produced by The Mediapro Studio, in association with Hulu Japan and HBO Asia, continues its international expansion with the announcement of its upcoming premiere in the United Kingdom and Germany, where it can be seen on the STARZPLAY platform, the international premium streaming service of STARZ.

Distributed by The Mediapro Studio Distribution, these premieres reinforce The Head’s international trajectory, which began on June 12th with its official premiere on Hulu Japan, HBO Asia, and Orange TV Spain. The distribution of the series has been expanding gradually over recent months with launches on Amazon Prime Video Italy and the Netherlands; Canal + France, AXN Portugal, Go3 in the Baltics, TET in Latvia, ETV in Estonia, Yandex in Russia, GloboPlay in Brazil, Watch It in the Middle East and North Africa, and SBS in Australia.

STARZ is scheduled to premiere The Head this coming February 7th and the thriller will be available for platform subscribers in Austria, Germany, German-speaking area of Luxemburg and Switzerland, in addition to Ireland and the United Kingdom.

“The Head is one of the main bets of The Mediapro Studio, a large-scale international project with which we wanted to open borders and guarantee its worldwide distribution. Today we are proud that the series is available in more than 60 countries and is present on large international platforms, thanks to the excellent work done by the Studio’s Distribution team. The confirmation of its premiere in United Kingdom, Germany, thanks to Starz, in strategic markets for our interests, reinforces the presence of the series at a global level and opens the door to future projects and collaborations”, commented Laura Fernández Espeso, General Director of The Mediapro Studio.

“The Head has interested large international clients, many of them new to The Mediapro Studio Distribution, which not only confirms the excellent quality of the series and its universality, but also represents the acknowledgement for the Studio’s content and guarantees its positioning among top-level international content production companies”, said Marta Ezpeleta, Head of The Mediapro Studio Distribution.

Filmed with an impressive display of media, unusual for a Spanish production, The Head has also received widespread acclaim from audiences in most of the territories where it has premiered. In Japan, the series was #1 on the day of its premiere on Hulu Japan, a position it maintained throughout six weeks it aired as the most popular original series on the platform. The show also debuted to spectacular results on HBO GO, HBO’s platform in Asia with distribution in almost thirty countries throughout Southeast Asia, where it led the platform’s streaming consumption since its premiere, and on Canal + France, where a few days after its premiere on September 24th, it had already been seen by more than two million viewers. In Spain, it was the top-rated drama series content on Orange TV, becoming the most watched drama via the streaming service since its premiere.

The Head is a survival thriller set in an isolated and inaccessible location, where over six 50-minute episodes, directed by Jorge Dorado (“The Pier,” “Mindscape”), a plot of suspense unfolds, marked by long dark Antarctic months, cold, wind and vast expanses of ice.

The series, which was born from the collaboration between Ran Tellem (“Homeland”), Director of International Content Development at The Mediapro Studio, and Àlex and David Pastor (“Hogar”, “Carriers”, “The Last Days”, “SELF/LESS”), responsible for the script together with Isaac Sastre, boasts an impressive purpose-designed set to reproduce with incredible realism the polar station that serves as the main stage, reproduced on real-life scale based on information on the arrangement and operation of this type of scientific facility, on a two thousand square meter set in Tenerife.

Another crucial key to its success is the international cast that brings greater realism to the storyline with dialogues in English, Danish, Swedish and Spanish, led by John Lynch (“The Terror”), Katharine O’Donnelly (“Mary Queen of Scots”) , Tomohisa Yamashita (“Code Blue the Movie”), Alexandre Willaume (“Countdown Copenhagen”, “Tomb Raider”), Laura Bach (“Sprinter Galore”), Sandra Andreis (“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”) , Amelia Hoy (“Killing Eve”), Chris Reilly (“Allied”, “Everest”), Richard Sammel (“Inglorious Basterds”), Tom Lawrence (“The King”, “The Crown”) and with a special appearance by Álvaro Morte (“Money Heist”, “The Pier”).