The Hispanic Industry Came Together in a Praised Edition of MipCancun

Four days of high level networking left the more than 800 attendees who gathered in Cancun for the ninth edition of the event very satisfied.

By Fernando Moreno, from Cancun

The event, held at the Moon Palace Hotel, culminated on Wednesday 16th, leaving excellent sensations about its validity and the present of content production and distribution in the region. With more than 800 visitors, MipCancun experienced four days -from November 13 to 16- at an excellent rhythm, with a very good agenda of panels and conferences, as well as an ideal environment for networking of the highest level.

The opportunity of face-to-face meetings was highly valued by industry executives, who say there is no virtual alternative that compares to a face-to-face meeting.

Speaking with ttvnews, Pablo Cudell, Director of Content and Production at Telemundo Enterprises, highlighted the feeling of familiarity that the event aroused: “I just heard that it’s a kind of club of friends from the Hispanic audiovisual industry. I think it’s interesting to see what is happening in the industry with content and meeting with colleagues”.

“MipCancun is a warm space full of friends and having this [high] attendance makes it a very important market for us,” said Dulce Ávila, Director of Content Sales for TV Azteca Internacional.

That warmth, that feeling of familiarity, is not fortuitous, but rather something that the organization, led by María Pérez-Belliere, has sought to build: “People feel at home. That is what we really want to convey. It gives me great pleasure to see that people have formed like a family. Therein lies the success [of the event].”

An event as consolidated as necessary

The place that MipCancun has earned within the industry, as an element that provides enormous value to it, does not admit doubt: “MipCancun is an extremely important space for the region,” said Carolina Cordero, general manager of WAWA. The association international women in the audiovisual industry, was born, precisely, in a previous edition of the event.

“Seeing how this market has grown, from 40 tables to having more than 100. The support that the Midem group has given to this organization has been wonderful,” said Liliam Hernández, CEO of Univeresal Cinergia Dubbing, about this ninth edition of the event.

Cecilia Gómez de la Torre, from Tondero Distribución, agreed: “This year the market has grown considerably. Last year it was a very measured, small market. This year I think it exploded. It has been an extraordinary experience.”

“The market model is very interesting. It gives us freedom and a way to communicate many more times with customers. There are many opportunities and a lot of business is done,” said Francisco Villanueva, VP and COO of Somos Distribution.

Even for those who enjoyed their first MipCancun, the level of the event was a pleasant surprise: “This is my first MipCancun. Having the opportunity to meet my colleagues in the market, being able to have real face-to-face meetings where you can talk and talk about projects, it’s wonderful. It has no comparison. There are many companies, many people, much encouragement; many good projects and interesting things that are going to come out of here,” said Karen Barroeta, Executive VP of Production and Development at Telemundo Global Studios.

The event included the presentation of new content, a showcase of important companies, and a spectacular agenda of panels, with themes of inclusion, diversity, creativity and an emphasis on the use of local talent.

In moments of shock for Latin American international events, with a January that will have two novelties -Discop Miami and Content Americas- after the cancellation of Natpe Bahamas, the solidity that MipCancun presented in its 2022 edition was as well received as it was necessary.