On May 25, TVN will become the first Latin American screen to premiere Almas heridas, the latest Turkish hit by TRT, distributed by Mistco.

After announcing that it would be the first Latin American network to premiere The Innocents, TVN has now revealed the premiere date.

The Turkish drama will be seen in Chile, under the title Almas heridas, starting Tuesday, May 25 at 7:30 p.m.

Originally titled Masumlar Apartmanı and distributed by Mistco, the series premiered in Turkey on TRT in September 2020 and immediately achieved great audience success.

The Innocents will thus join other Turkish titles that were seen for the first time on the Chilean public network, such as Hercai or Woman, which later extended their success to the Latin world after their good performance on TVN.

“As TVN we are constantly searching for stories of any origin that connect with our audience on an emotional level, which of course entertains them, but also gives them tools to improve their lives. We are hopeful that Wounded Souls, as it has been with other foreign fictions, will be able to enchant our audience and be a company for their afternoons”, commented the executive producer of TVN, Isabel Rodríguez.

Produced by OGM Pictures, The Innocents is based on the memoirs of the Turkish psychiatrist Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu and tells real experiences.

It tells the love story between Han (Birkan Sokullu) and İnci (Farah Zeynep Abdullah) and their complicated relationship with their friends and families.

“This story represents the social problems that people face every day, family conflicts, those secrets that explain why we are the way we are and how relationships are built”, summarized Isabel Rodríguez.