The group is present in Cannes along with representatives from all of its headquarters and international hubs, ready to meet with current and potential clients from the global market.

*By Rodrigo Ros, from Cannes, France

After several months of undeniable growth, both in terms of structure and team, The Kitchen made an obligatory stop in Cannes for the last edition of Miptv that the French city will host.

“We are very excited at this market, introducing our new sales team,” Max Wynen, VP of Global Operations for the content localization company, who also directs the new hub in Spain, said to ttvnews in Cannes.

“We are with our new representative in Europe, Julie, in addition to Lilly and obviously Deena,” said the VP, referring to the recently appointed director of International Sales, Juliet Beneteau, to Lilly Paez, director of Sales for the Americas, and Deeny Kaplan, EVP of The Kitchen.

“Julie is from France, but she lives in London, and having someone there is extremely important, because a lot of our clients are there,” Deeny Kaplan added. “Dina (Behar) is in California, the largest market, and Lilly focuses on America, who, as a Latina, has good progress in the region.”

“With the team we have built, the future is very exciting,” he added.

Thus, this team arrived reinforced to Cannes to create new links with clients throughout the region, as well as visit those loyal clients who have worked with them for a long time. “We’ve come looking forward to visiting regular clients and meeting new ones,” Wynen explained.

“It is a market that moves slower and allows for more time to talk, with conversations that are not so fast-paced. That is very productive and that is what we aim for, to meet new people to generate new relationships and consolidate the ones we already have,” he concluded.