The language translation studio is headed to Cannes to showcase its MIP Demos: trailers and segments of long-form programming, dubbed into multiple languages.

For the 22nd year, The Kitchen International is preparing MIP Demos for clients wishing to showcase their new Miptv program offerings, in multiple languages.

“There is no better way in which to showcase new programs, than having clients hear the new material in their own language,” explained Alexis Cardenas, VP International Sales. “You’d be amazed at how many sales have been made due to buyers walking by a stand and hearing the programming in Turkish, Arabic, French, Polish, Hungarian, Hebrew, etc.,” Cardenas added.

The MIP Demos typically range from: 30 trailers, to 3-5minute segments of a long-form program, and often an entire episode of a short-form animated program.

“Our studios are now busy preparing dozens of MIP Demos, and we’re only six weeks away, so time is of the essence as you know,” Cardenas emphasized. “The process is always educational for the content developers and the sales teams, bringing in a great deal of information as to which countries would be interested in the new offerings. Honestly, this is THE most effective sales tool I’ve seen at MIP, or any other industry convention.”

The Kitchen is the industry’s only Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing, subtitling and media services studio. With operations in 14 countries globally, The Kitchen works to and from most languages, for all genres and formats of programming.