The Spanish producer unveiled the first images for Vis a vis: the Oasis, which began filming this month to premiere on FOX Networks Group Spain in 2020.

In October, The Mediapro Studio announced the start of filming of Vis a Vis: the Oasis, spinoff of the successful Spanish series born in Atresmedia and that had its continuation on FOX.

And this week, the producer has already revealed the first images of the new series, which will have eight episodes and will be seen by FOX Networks Group Spain in 2020.

The spinoff added new talents to its cast this month, including Spain’s Itziar Castro, along with Argentine performers Ana María Picchio and Lucas Ferraro, and Mexicans David Ostrosky and Alma Itzel.

The three joined Maggie Civantos and Najwa Nimri and Ramiro Blas and Daniel Ortiz, who had already participated in Vis a vis.

The cast is completed by Claudia Riera, Isabel Naveira, Lisi Linder, Almagro San Miguel, Pablo Vázquez, Natalia Hernández, Paula Gallego, Jose de la Torre, Iván Morales, Fernando Sansegundo, Lolo Diego and Ismael Palacios.

As with Vis a vis, the series will have Iván Escobar as showrunner again, and will also feature screenwriters Lucía Carballal and JM Ruiz Córdoba. It will be shot between Madrid and Almeria.


After years of sticking to jewelry stores, banks and casinos, the time has come for Maca (Maggie Civantos) and Zulema (Najwa Nimri) to separate and what better way to do it than in a big way. A final heist that will aim to steal a diamond tiara from the daughter of an important Mexican drug dealer, during the wedding of the young woman, roles that will be played by Mexican actors David Ostrosky (The House of Flowers) and Alma Itzel (Bajo el mismo cielo).

A job for which the two fugitives will have extra help. Lisi Linder (Victim number 8), Claudia Riera (Les de l’hoquei) and Isabel Naveira (Fariña) will give life to Monica, Triana and La Flaca, who together with Goya (Itziar Castro) will form the dream team to take over precious booty.

Argentine interpreters Ana María Picchio (El Marginal 3) and Lucas Ferraro (Plan B) will get into the skin of Ama the beloved octogenarian who runs the rural accommodation “El Oasis” and Cepo, her disabled son, who also keep a dark secret.

Ramiro Blas and Daniel Ortiz, who were part of the casting in previous seasons of Vis a vis will also collaborate on Vis a vis: the oasis. Also, the plot will feature Almagro San Miguel (Amar is forever), Pablo Vázquez (Vergüenza), Natalia Hernández (Amar in troubled times), Paula Gallego (Tell me how it happened), Jose de la Torre (Toy boy) , Iván Morales (Sunday’s disease), Fernando Sansegundo (Pulsations), Lolo Diego (Acacias, 38) and Ismael Palacios (Other worlds).