The first joint project will be Las cheers, a drama set in the world of cheerleaders, created by Héctor Rodríguez.

Caracol Televisión and The Mediapro Studio have announced a co-development agreement for the production of premium television content for the international market.

The first project under the agreement will be Las cheers, a 60-episode series created by Héctor Rodríguez (La mamá del 10, Dónde carajo está Umaña), a combination of drama and music focused on the life of a group of cheerleaders from a humble neighborhood, who dream of representing their country in the Olympic games.

Cheerleading, known in Colombia as porrismo, is the third most popular sport in the country after soccer and basketball. Created in the USA among the animators of the great sports championships, it combines gymnastics and acrobatics and has been recognized as an Olympic sport.

Set in a popular neighborhood in Bogotá, the series reflects the conflicts of a group of young schoolboys, marked by a harsh social reality, the uncertainty about their future and the dangers posed by some temptations when seeking better living conditions.

The appearance of an award-winning athlete, who returns from the United States to form the group of cheerleaders of the public school in the area, will be received with disbelief by her colleagues and students, for whom cheerleading is a foreign sport and from upper class. The desire to improve will make some students accept the challenge of dreaming big, even competing to represent their country in the Olympic Games.

«Caracol Televisión strengthens its brand worldwide every day, connecting with key allies to produce stories that transcend markets. Working hand in hand with The Mediapro Studio joining creative forces to present Las cheers represents a step forward in our objectives,» said Lisette Osorio, VP of International Sales at Caracol Televisión.

Juliana Barrera, Director of Content at The Mediapro Studio in Colombia, added: «Las cheers have all the elements to captivate the public: love, music, dance and big dreams to be achieved, universal themes for a wide spectrum of audience in line with the style of quality content that we produce from The Mediapro Studio. We are proud that this title inaugurates our collaboration with Caracol Televisión from which we hope new projects will soon emerge».