Produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Gestmusic (Banijay Iberia), Atrapa un millón, the local adaptation of Banijay’s entertainment format, will return to the Antena 3 screen after its original premiere in 2011.

Atrapa un millón, the classic question and answer format, returns to Antena 3 with a series of special episodes to celebrate the 10 years since its arrival in Spain.

It is the local adaptation of The Money Drop, Banijay’s entertainment format, which returns with its Spanish version after its original premiere in 2011.

Presented by Manel Fuentes, the new Atrapa un millón is produced by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Gestmusic (Banijay Iberia). They have already started their recording and will soon arrive on Antena 3.

Again, pairs of contestants will try to get the biggest pot possible by overcoming a series of questions betting the money on the already mythical trap doors of the program. Maintaining the mechanics that made the format famous, Atrapa un millón puts one million euros of real cash on the table (40 bundles of 25,000 euros each). The object of the game is to keep as much money as possible until the last question.

Contestants will have to answer eight questions. The first four questions have four answer options, but only one is the good one. In the next three questions you will have three answer options. In the eighth and final question, the contestants play it ‘All or nothing’: there will only be two options, one true and one false.

Throughout the game, contestants can put all the money in one answer or spread it over several, but they must always leave an answer with no money. Once the time is up, the money that has not been placed in one of the hatches will be lost. The bundles that do not fall through the hatch will be the ones that the contestants take home.

Tinet Rubira, Managing Director of Gestmusic comments: “Having last produced The Money Drop in 2014, the revival will be everything the Spanish audience loved about the original show, with a new modern feel. Full of suspense and drama, you can’t help but become invested in the contestant’s journey.”

Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations at Banijay says: “The Money Drop consistently delivers high-quality entertainment with the core game show pillars of excitement and jeopardy that captivate audiences. Following a successful revival earlier this year in Israel, it’s fantastic to see another return, demonstrating the format’s timeless appeal.”

Originally created in 2010 by Remarkable TV, part of Banijay UK, The Money Drop has been adapted in over 54 territories including the U.S. and France. In Poland , the 22 nd season of Endemol Shine Poland’s show for TVP2 consolidated at +73% on slot average and the successful reboot in Israel returned after a decade off-air and its launch was up +53% vs slot average.