Muge Akar, Content Sales Deputy Manager at ATV, spoke to ttvnews about The Ottoman (Kuruluş: Osman) and its performance in Turkey and the international market.

Launched at the last Mipcom, an event in which it already closed its first sales and was chosen by The Wit as one of its “fresh” dramas, The Ottoman (Kuruluş: Osman) by ATV is getting ready for a new Mipcom this year, where it will make its grand jump onto the international market.

The series, distributed international by ATV, is the Turkish distributor’s catalog’s big star, with notable international potential following the excellent results it scored in Turkey.

“In Turkey The Ottoman is broadcasted on Wednesdays in prime-time. Starting from the first episode, the series delivered fantastic results, always being the top show on that day. The series reached 30% share in average for its whole first season,” said Muge Akar, Content Sales Deputy Manager at ATV.

And in the international market, Albany and Afghanistan have already acquired the series when it first launched at Mipcom. It was also one of the standouts in Teleformat’s ranking for last November.

Muge Akar, Content Sales Deputy Manager at ATV

“We will announce new deals soon. I believe it will be a success in several markets,” she said.

What makes The Ottoman so special? “The Ottoman is a period drama with a superior production elements. It’s based on the real life characters such as Osman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Osman is brought to life by internationally renowned actor Burak Ozcivit,” she explained.

Produced by Bozgag Film, the series tells the transformation story of The Ottoman Empire and Osman’s journey from a small principality into a world empire. The series includes Osman’s internal and external struggles and how he establishes and controls the Ottoman Empire.

On the other hand, Osman’s path crosses with a brave woman, Bala Hatun (Ozge Torer), and they fall in love at the first sight. “Despite all the obstacles they faced, they will try to build a new life and a new state together”, the executive said.

And as a major advantage, the series already has a first season finished despite the halt in production due to the pandemic, with a total of 85 hours ready to reach international screens.

“The next season will begin production in September,” she added.

The Ottoman complements ATV’s already full catalog, which has consistently found success with Turkish dramas such as Hercai (sold in 25 countries) or Lifeline (sold in 32 countries).

“International market already welcomed the series at Mipcom when the series hadn’t even premiered in Turkey. The attention of buyers has been great,” she revealed.

The Ottoman, According to its Stars

As part of the series international promotion, ATV organized a virtual conference with Burak Özçivit and Özge Törer, the series’ stars, moderated by Carolina Acusto-Alzuru, from the University of Georgia.

The event has already been viewed over 127,000 times: