TVN will air the final season of ATV’s Turkish drama starting this Monday, June 14 in primetime.

TVN confirmed this Tuesday the return of Hercai to its screen from this Monday, June 14, after 24 Hours Central.

The Turkish drama, distributed by ATV, culminated its broadcast on TVN, in August 2020, with the end of its second season.

After several months off the air, the story returns to TVN to show what happened after Elif’s tragic death.

As announced, the third season will bring “new enigmatic characters that will come to reveal dark secrets of the enemy families Sadoglu and Aslanbey and that will put the love story between Reyyán and Mirán at risk.”

The announcement of the return of Hercai to the screen generated a series of comments on social networks from thousands of fans who are already beginning to speculate on the outcome of this powerful story of love and revenge.

To catch up with the plot and not forget any details, TVN made all the episodes of Ottoman fiction available from the beginning at

Hercai will join the last chapters of Fuerza de Mujer, a Turkish drama that is in its final stretch and has achieved high ratings on TVN’s prime time.