The company revealed its list of Fresh TV Formats for this unique season, where the big standout was the celebrity singing competition The Masked Singer and its influence on other formats, and the different ways of facing these troubling times.

As part of the agenda of the first day of Mipcom Online+, The Wit unveiled on Monday, October 12, its selection of the most striking entertainment formats of the season worldwide.

The Fresh TV session was hosted from home by Virginia Mouseler, CEO of the Swiss company, and began with the list of the most adapted formats in 2020:

The Masked Singer (2015)
Big Brother (1999)
Family Feud (1976)
I Can See Your Voice (2015)
Celebrity MasterChef (2006)
Dragon’s Den (2001)
Temptation Island (2001)
Top Gear (2002)
All Together Now (2018)
The Alphabet Game (1996)
The Bachelorette (2003)
The Circle (2018)
Sing On! (2020)


This is how The Wit summarizes the first trend of this new season.

It applies to formats inspired by Korean singing competition, The Masked Singer, combining music, talent show, game show and fun, and in some cases, audience interaction.

The Star in the Star
Banijay Rights, Germany. Premiere: September 2020.

Banijay Rights, Germany. Premiere: September 2020.

I Got you Babe
Banijay Rights, Germany. Premiere: November 2020.

Hit the Road
Talpa Networks, The Netherlands. Premiere: September 2020.


The second trend has to do with formats where survival is not about fun. Many factual entertainment shows have been born where people seek to get out of a complicated situation.

These are the selected formats:

A Real Job: Nurses
Newen Distribution, Belgium. Premiere: September 2020.

The 100: Waiting For an Organ Donor
Newen Distribution, The Netherlands. Premiere: 2021.

Quitting Benefits
Banijay Rights, Germany. Premiere: November 2020.

Where Does All the Money Go?
Line Up Industries, The Netherlands. Premiere: September 2020.

The Flea Market Challenge
Rabbit Films, Finland. Premiere: December 2020.

Mend It For Money
NBCUniversal Formats, UK. Premiere: 2021.

Good With Wood
Magnify Media, UK. Premiere: 2021.

Fight School
Banijay Rights, UK. Premiere: 2021.


However, there was also a section of formats less tied to the current situation, which include cooking, health, pets or dating.

Monster kitchen
Beta Entertainment Spain, Spain. Premiere: unannounced.
Three couples cook dishes for three celebrities, in a kitchen full of dangerous and crazy challenges.

Dieting with My Dog
Germany. Red Arrow Studios International. Premiere: August 2020.
Five obese people and their dogs (also overweight) compete in physical tests to lose weight.

Celebrity Snoop Pets
SPTI, UK. Premiere: June 2020.
Pets carry a camera through which the homes of their owners are discovered. Who will the celebrities be?

Find Me Somebody to Love
Fremantle, Israel. Premiere: autumn 2020.
Four powerful women leave their lives and careers to go live together for a month in an apartment where they seek to find true love.

The Secret
GPM ETV, Russia. Premiere: September 2020.
A single woman knows the secrets of 25 singles. After a knockout round, you must decide if you can give a no-secrets relationship a chance.

Alone Together
Denmark, Banijay Rights. Premiere: October 2020.
Eight singles are divided into four couples who are isolated on four islands, where they must live together without escape. In the end, they decide whether to go together or separately.


In the list of the most adapted formats, there are several survival classics that manage to remain popular through the years.

However, this season, new titles are also emerging that use “eternal and direct formulas, without twists.”

Epic Game Show
Fremantle, UK. Premiere: May 2020.
The game shows of a lifetime come together to be relived in an epic way.

The Flat
Mediterraneo, Spain. Premiere: September 2020.
A celebrity is locked alone in a small apartment, while the audience controls the cameras and decides if they want to keep them inside or not. When they leave, they challenge another celebrity to enter.

Split Screen
Talpa Network, The Netherlands. Premiere: August 2020.
A giant LED screen displays two images. The contestant couple must say a figure (distance, calories, height …) that is between them.

The Five Senses
Monday Media, Denmark. Premiere: August 2020.
Two groups of celebrities must use their five senses to answer questions.