The streaming platform announced its first two original projects in the country: a romantic comedy produced by Tondero Producciones, and a miniseries about football player Paolo Guerrero, produced by Argentina’s Torneos.

Netflix continues to expand its original production empire in Latin America, announcing this week its first original projects in Peru.

The first will be a film, written by Bruno Ascenzo (A los 40) and produced by local producer, Tondero Producciones.

A romantic comedy set in Cuzco, the story follows a successful Spanish architect who, after losing an important tender in his family’s hotel consortium, will travel to Peru to establish a large seven-star hotel. There he will meet a young free-spirited woman who will change his view of the world.

With no established director or cast yet, the film would be released in 2021.

The second Netflix project in Peru will be a biographical miniseries of six episodes about football player Paolo Guerrero, filmed by Argentine production company, Torneos (Apache), which will revolve around the legal battle that Guerrero had to face in 2017 when he was banned from playing at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The miniseries would also be released in 2021.