TTV+ Buyers: What Are They Looking For?

Ahead of Mipcom 2021, Milagros Tuccio, Responsible for VOD Content for Movistar Hispanoamérica, spoke to TTV+ about the content she’s looking for in the international market.

TTVMedia, through its TTV+ platform and backed by Eccho Rights, presents its Buyers: What Are They Looking For? initiative to find out more about international buyers’ programming needs.

The interviews were conducted through the base of over 5,000 buyers registered on TTV+, a 24/7 online marketplace where buyers can look through catalogs from thousands of companies, and in which distributors can contact them to close businesses.

This time, we present Milagros Tuccio, Responsible for VOD Content for Movistar Hispanoamérica.

What type of content are you looking for?

We mainly look for movies, series, animation, documentaries; content that can go hand in hand with our multi-target audience.

Which types of stories are you looking for?

We look for multi-target content, because Movistar’s users are open-minded. And as we know, Movistar Play us a platform aimed at Movistar’s user, which can be diverse. Within multi-target content, we try to cover families, kids, adults and the whole spectrum of users.

What elements do formats have to have to spark your interest?

Mainly content that can connect with Latin America and travel across all countries. That’s the focus of our acquisitions. And when it comes to fiction, we try to look for universal content, not niche, and if possible with few episodes.

Any title in particular that has sparked your attention?

I was going over the series nominated for the Emmy Awards, for which I’ll be a judge once again, and I found really good series, some I knew and some I hadn’t seen before, so I think we might find new opportunities and options there.

Anything that has worked particularly well on your screen?

In Peru we’ve focused on local content and we believe it’s working very well. Peruvian audiences connected to that content. Movistar Play Peru, along with the team in Peru, has become the home of Peruvian cinema and we try to include all contents in that genre. This has worked wonderfully.