ttv@buyers: Custom Content for Every Brand

As an answer to the growing amount of content available worldwide, networks and platforms are seeking for original and one-of-a-kind titles to create offers that stand out from the rest and appeal to local audiences.

In an increasingly-fragmented universe of platforms, networks and services, standing out from the pack and drawing in subscribers and audiences has become a real challenge for content owners.

So much so that the search for original content that’s custom-made for their networks has become one of the main priorities for content buyers present at Mipcom.

“We are always focused on content related to royalty, celebrities, lifestyle and fashion,” said Adolfo Alvarez Rivas, VP of Programming at Hola TV.

“We are also looking for fresh content, realities that are softer and not as aggressive. And we are actually finding many things,” he added.

The executive also highlighted the increasing popularity of productions coming from the online world: “We find there’s a twist within this lifestyle genre, many things linked to influencers and the online world”.

In addition, José Antonio Salso, Head of Acquisitions and Sales at Atresmedia, said his search for content is based on finding productions that fit into each of the group’s networks.

“Antena 3 with its more general shows, or our smaller networks, which feed off of factual, animation, foreign series and telenovelas,” he said. “And we are meeting with the main operators at the market, searching for these types of contents”.

In addition to its linear offer, Atresmedia is also betting on VOD with its Atresplayer Premium, through which it seeks to offer content before it airs on TV, content with no ads, and even exclusive productions, with three already underway.

And when it comes to specific genres, few offers are as customized as Docubay: “The content we are looking for is long-form feature documentaries, we don’t have docuseries on the platform”, said Akul Tripathi, COO of Docubay.

“When we say documentaries we mean features which are opinion pieces made by passionate filmmakers who care deeply about something, and not just something that explains something. We are looking at cultural and other global markers, which are something that people will relate to locally,” he added.