ttv@buyers: Linear Networks Seek Variety in Programming

Content for the whole family, science, live action, animation, talent shows or new formats; buyers present at Mipcom are looking for a bit of everything. Up next, an overview of the main trends from the market.

Day two of Mipcom ended with great movement at the Palais des Festivals. ttvnews interviewed three executives from different networks, who shared what it is that they’re looking to buy in terms of content at this new edition of the market.

José Alonso Navarro Contreras, executive producer of International Content at Canal 13 in Chile, said the search is wide: “we are looking for everything, from Turkish dramas to documentaries and film. We also analyze market trends. So it’s important to be here at Mipcom, so we can then debate it with our local team and decide what we’re interested in.”

In regard to fiction, Alonso explained they’re open to all types of content from any nationality, while they’re currently leaning towards Turkish dramas: “we are a broadcast TV network, so we look for all kinds of formats, entertainment and fiction.”

Meanwhile, Doris Vogelmann from Vme TV, said the choices depend on their audience: “animation for kids, for our preschool network, quality content for our US market. And for our Primo network aimed at kids 6 to 16, we look for animation and live action.”

“We’ve seen things that have to do with science that we’re really interested in, so now we’re in negotiations and seeing how it works out.”

Lastly, Luis Guillermo Camacho, Manager of Strategy and Content at Latina, said his network is currently trying to diversify, so they’re searching for all types of genres.

“We are diversifying our buying decision. We have slots that are important for us, such as family films. But we’re also looking for some telenovelas, which are very different from what we used to air. Our audience isn’t so much into drama anymore, so we’re changing our search from telenovelas to more of entertainment, something audiences can relax and feel comfortable with,” he said.

“We are also looking for co-productions. Having upped our network to the number two position, we are now looking for fiction projects under the coproduction scheme.”

As for the financing models of this new bet, the executive explains that they are “also looking for different negotiation models. We are looking for the possibility to have partners, to make revenue agreements with the channel and other formulas that allow us to develop projects where we can carry out the concept of local production and raise the level of audiovisual development in Peru.”