After airing in Mexico and Chile, ATV’s drama will now make its debut in more Latin American territories as Fugitiva with its arrival on Canal 1 and Wapa TV.

Having already premiered on Mexican broadcast TV on Imagen Television and on Chile’s broadcast TV on Canal 13, Lifeline will now make its debut in Colombia on Canal 1 and Puerto Rico on Wapa TV.

The Colombian network will premiere it as Fugitiva on Tuesday, October 15 at 8:10 pm.

Meanwhile, Wapa TV has announced it will premiere the new drama “very soon”.

The drama, one of the most popular on Turkish TV, is produced by Sinegram Film and distributed by ATV, which has already sold it in over 30 territories, including Spain (Atresmedia).

It stars İrem Helvacıoğlu, Ulaş Tuna Astepe, Sinan Tuzcu and Öykü Gürman.

In the series, Nefes is a young woman who was sold to a psycho named Vedat and locked in a mansion. For eight years, he has created an imaginary world for his son to take him away from the cruel reality they live.

There, in the mansion, her destiny intersects with Thair’s who becomes a symbol of hope and love. Together they will discover that freedom is not the end of the road.