The ViacomCBS network has collected 49 consecutive months as the most watched in Argentina.

Telefe, owned by ViacomCBS, started 2022 in the lead with an average share of 43.50% and 7.86 rating points. It has held onto the #1 spot for 49 consecutive months, with the past 21 consecutive months, surpassing an over 40% of share.2

In January, eight of the 10 most-watched shows all aired on Telefe.

January also saw the premiere of Marley & Mirko on Paramount+ Presenta, which was #1 in its timeslot with an average 61.2% share and 5.8 rating points.

Telefe also dominated mornings with Flor de Equipo, which led in its time slot with 31.68% de share and 4.95 rating points, followed by El Noticiero de la Gente, which led with 37.59% share and 7.35 rating points.

In the afternoon timeslot, Cortá por Lozano continued to be the audience’s top choice with an average share of 41.20% and 6.86 rating points; in addition to the captivating love stories Züleyha, Hercai, which were in the Top 10, and Dulce Ambición, which also led in its time slot with 51.10% share and 8.76 rating points.

Telefe’s primetime remains strong, with several of its shows in the Top 10, including Telefe Noticias, which has dominated its timeslot for the past 39 consecutive months and this month achieved its best historical share with 42.97%. Telefe Noticias is joined by a powerhouse lineup which includes Fugitiva, the captivating story of a mother and her son who seek to escape domestic violence, audience favorite MasterChef Celebrity, Por El Mundo, and Staff de Noticias, which is also # 1 in its timeslot with 44.29% share and 4.35 rating points.

On weekends, Telefe also commanded the airwaves with Trato Hecho with 44.05% share and 8.03 rating points, and Top 10 shows, Por El Mundo and the MasterChef Celebrity, Elimination Gala.

This month, reached more than 7.8 million users and achieved 13.5 million video views.4 January also featured the premiere of a new edition of MasterChef a la Carta, hosted by Gastón Dalmau, which had over 148 million unique users and more than 190 million views on, and accumulated over 15 million views on social networks. Fugitiva reached over 125,000 unique users and more than 500,000 views in one week on, and garnered over 2.2 million views on social media. Fugitiva’s first episode was also the most viewed content in January on

February is looking even more promising at Telefe: new challenges and decisive moments of MasterChef Celebrity; Por El Mundo and Marley & Mirko with new guests and guaranteed fun at each destination; exciting episodes of Fugitiva, and the premiere of Soñar Contigo, the fun romantic comedy that will make you fall in love. All this and more make February on Telefe one the whole family will enjoy and will not want to miss.