The Turkish drama distributed by Calinos will premiere this Monday July 20 in Chile on TVN.

The Turkish drama Woman continues to add international screens, with its arrival now in Chile.

Public channel TVN announced it will premiere the series from Calinos next Monday, July 20 in its prime time under the local title Fuerza de mujer.

The arrival of Woman is also driven by the great performance of Hercai in Chile also on TVN (it is the second most viewed prime time show with an 11.2 rating) and by the sweet moment the series is experiencing internationally.

In Spain, for example, it has just been released as the first Turkish series to reach prime time on a main network (Antena 3).

Woman tells the story of Bahar, who abandoned by her mother when she was a child, grows up leading a sad life, until she meets Sarp, her only love and with whom she forms a happy family with 2 beautiful children: Nisan and Doruk.

However, her happiness ends when Sarp dies in a confusing accident and she must raise her children completely alone, in the midst of poverty. On this path, she will discover that behind her husband’s death there is a family betrayal, a love triangle and a terrible secret.

“This is a great story that immediately captivates with its script, performances and characters, with important values to rescue, and that connect universally with the public. The strength of a mother who fights for her children transforms this series into a reflection of many women who, day by day, face very difficult situations for their family,” says José Antonio Edwards, Director of Programming and Production at TVN.

Bahar’s character is played by Özge Özpirinçci, a 34-year-old actress whose performance has been praised by critics. She was chosen in 2018 as the Best Television Actress at the Altın Kelebek Awards, which award the best of television and music in her country. In addition, the series was awarded in Japan as the best foreign drama at the Tokyo Drama Awards.

The script, meanwhile, is based on the successful Japanese series, Women, my life for my children, which was adapted in Turkey under the name Kadin. Its premiere in the Ottoman country registered high ratings, exceeding 8 million people per chapter, making it one of the most viewed and with a rapid internationalization.

Currently it has been successfully broadcast in more than 50 countries, among which are Greece, Croatia, Peru, Uruguay, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, among others.