It will be called Survivor Mexico, hosted by Arturo Islas and produced by Acun Medya.

TV Azteca has confirmed the production of Survivor Mexico, the local adaptation of the successful Banijay Rights format, which will make its debut in Mexico for the first time having been adapted in over 40 territories since its launch in 2000.

In Mexico, the format will air on Azteca Uno and produced locally by Turkish production company Acun Medya, with whom TV Azteca has a multi-year agreement that started with the successful adaptation of Exatlón in the country.

As announced by TV Azteca, in addition, Arturo Islas was confirmed as the host.

“Azteca Uno is always at the forefront, innovating with the best reality shows in the world to make the best television for the Mexican family. The public is increasingly demanding and so TV Azteca will offer the best programs, such as Survivor, the reality show that has been successful in several countries. In the US, the 40th season is currently being broadcast,” said TV Azteca.

Azteca also detailed that its local version will have 16 participants who will be divided into two teams.

“The participants will compete to survive in the most extreme, adverse and risky conditions, in a heavenly place in the Caribbean. They will also fight for food, amenities and rewards; as they win they will gain privileges and whoever loses may go hungry,” they said.

“People very different from each other, with different professions and experiences, people like each one of us with the mission of surviving on equal terms. We will see who manages best, who is more cunning and who, as the name of the show says, becomes a survivor,” said Arturo Islas, host of this new adventure.

Survivor currently has adaptations on air in Australia, France, Israel, Sweden, Italy, South Africa, the Netherlands, Denmark and the US.

In Spain, where it also has an on-air adaptation, the show has established itself as one of the greatest hits on TV.