The new thriller from the creator of Money Heist, which will premiere on Netflix on May 15, climbed to the top of TV Time’s Anticipation Report.

There’s only a few days left before Netflix premieres the new series by Spanish director Álex Pina, White Lines, the first new fiction that is born as a result of the exclusivity agreement that the platform closed in 2018 with the creator of Money Heist.

And, as revealed by TV Time to ttvnews, the series has climbed to the top of the app’s Anticipation Report.

According to the report, White Lines is one of the series global audiences are most excited about.

In the past week, the series got into the Top 5 of the most anticipated new titles, among 14 million global viewers who use TV Time.

During May, the Vancouver Media and Left Bank Pictures thriller was ranked only behind highly anticipated series such as Stargirl (Disney+) and Space Force (Netflix).

The TV Time Anticipation Report charts highlight which new series or comebacks fans are most looking forward to, and serves as an indicator of the subsequent performance of the titles at the audience level.

This fact about Álex Pina’s new fiction adds to the notable performance of Money Heist, whose four seasons have remained firm in TV Time’s weekly rankings of the most binged series.

White Lines will premiere this Friday, May 15 only on Netflix.

It is a 10-episode thriller, filmed in Spain (Mallorca and Ibiza) in English. It follows a woman who leaves a quiet life in Manchester and travels to Ibiza to discover the truth about her brother’s death.

The series is directed by Nick Hamm, Luis Prieto and Ashley Way.

Álex Pina is a producer for White Lines, along with Cristina López Ferraz of Vancouver Media and Chris Croucher. Andy Harries and Sharon Hughff are executive producers for Left Bank Pictures.