The new division of the dubbing studio is headed by Elisa Aquino and will be dedicated to deepening relationships with clients on the US West Coast.

Liliam Hernandez and Gema Lopez, CEO and COO respectively of Universal Cinergia Dubbing (UCD), announced the opening of a sales office in Los Angeles.

The division will be led by Elisa Aquino, VP Sales & Marketing at UCD, who recently moved to Los Angeles and will now lead the West Coast sales division, working more closely with studios and production companies there. Elisa started working with UCD in 2016.

According to UCD, the company specialized in dubbing has expanded rapidly, adding new studios in some of the international locations where it has a presence, such as Mexico and Brazil. There is continuous growth with several projects underway with clients around the world, so having a presence on the West Coast is a natural consequence of this.

“Opening an office in Los Angeles will allow us to be closer to customers and expand our reach to companies in the area. Having a presence in California is a natural evolution for us,” said Liliam Hernandez. “We are confident that Elisa Aquino will bring new clients to the area and strengthen our existing relationships.”

“Looking to 2022 to celebrate 10 years of our successful business, having an office in Los Angeles is a great opportunity to establish deeper connections with clients on the West Coast,” added Gema Lopez.

“Teamwork, perseverance and a commitment to excellence are the pillars of our company culture, and we are proud of the work we do,” concluded the COO.