In celebration of this landmark achievement, the studio will host a major event in Miami with clients, friends and colleagues.

Liliam Hernandez (CEO) and Gema Lopez (COO) announced this week the company’s 10 th anniversary in May. In celebration of this landmark achievement, they will host a major event in Miami with clients, friends and colleagues.

Driven by the success of Universal Labs, post-production company created by Liliam Hernandez in 1994, the executive partnered with Gema Lopez in 2012, founding what is today one of the leading dubbing studios in the industry. A dynamic, robust business built with determination, creative vision and lots of hard work.

Since its inception, the founders always had the goal to expand internationally and have realized this vision by working with major global brands such as NBC, Discovery, Fremantle, Amazon, Warnermedia, Canal Plus, Global Agency, Eccho Rights, CJENM, TV Tokyo and many more. Universal Cinergia currently has operations in Brazil, Mexico, France and Spain, in addition to the headquarters in Miami, providing content localization in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Castilian.

“We are extremely proud of our 10-year milestone! Our long-standing relationship with our clients along with our dedication is what enabled us to get to where we are today. There is so much to be thankful for. Our accomplishments make us proud. And the challenges we have faced taught us valuable lessons,” said Liliam Hernandez.

“Teamwork, perseverance and commitment to excellence are the pillars of our company culture,” adds Gema Lopez. “Our clients refer our company to their clients, which is a testament to our quality services, and our impeccable reputation. We look forward to the next years of expanding even further. The sky is the limit!”