Veo Cómo Cantas, distributed by CJ ENM, is a new TV show with a touch of humor, mystery, and music

Univision announced the premiere date and details of its music game show Veo Cómo Cantas (I See How You Sing, distributed by CJ ENM) set to air on Sunday, August 6 at 7p/6c. Hosted by actor and comedian Faisy (Faisy Nights, Me Caigo de Risa) Veo Cómo Cantas promises to bring new and fun experiences to Univision’s Domingos en Familia (Family Sundays) audience.

Veo Cómo Cantas is a new TV show with a touch of humor, mystery, and music. Two contestants must use their wit and abilities to identify who among a group of 10 “secret singers” are in fact bad singers who want to deceive them. These enigmatic voices will be hidden behind “characters” with very defined identities.

Over the course of seven rounds, a group of “advisors” made up of important figures from the world of entertainment: José Eduardo Derbez (Vino el Amor, Renta Congelada) Natalia Téllez (40 y 20, Hoy), Erika Buenfil (Perdona Nuestros Pecados, Vencer El Pasado,) Beto Cuevas (lead singer of the group La Ley) and international music star Ricardo Montaner will help the contestants avoid falling into the trap of those who do not sing well and be able to eliminate them from the game.

For each eliminated singer, the contestant will accumulate money and in the final round, the special guest of the night, a renowned singer, will perform a live duet with the last character of the game. If the mystery voice is in fact a good singer, the contestant will win a cash prize, but if it turns out to be a bad singer with a terrible voice, the contestant will go home with no money.

Veo Cómo Cantas has had massive success in more than 30 countries and finally makes its way to U.S. Hispanic television with many surprises on Univision’s Domingos en Familia.