Co-production, development alliances, new genres, expansion and more. Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000 TV, shares details about the company’s current affairs as it continues to grow in terms of production and distribution in the international market.

In an ever-changing industry, the ability to evolve and adapt to new trends is essential to survive and thrive. And when it comes to growth, few companies have the enthusiasm and experience of VIP 2000 TV, a women-led company that’s determined to stay on the crest of the wave of the audiovisual industry.

“We are doing a thousand things, buying content, developing ideas, putting together co-productions, acquiring scripts…”, summarized Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000 TV, who spoke with ttvnews about the group’s latest news, which includes new original productions and co-productions in new languages and markets.

How has VIP 2000 TV adapted to this new era of the audiovisual industry?

We’re doing a thousand things, buying content, developing ideas, putting together co-productions, acquiring scripts. The change in the business has really been so drastic that even with any experience you may have, you don’t know which product is going to interest the new players, you have to do magic as I say.

How is the content license catalog integrated?

At this moment our catalog has movies, series, telenovelas… For many years we have been developing the genre of premium series and we have done very well with them. We also work on niche content, buying content from various channels in the region.

Who is acquiring content currently and what type of audiovisual properties do they choose?

I think that the time for content “packages” has passed, now there are very specific opportunities, specific and short-term business moments, the channels are acquiring according to what is working for them. There is a great fear of betting on different things.

How does the emergence of SVODs, AVODs and FAST in the region benefit the content distribution business?

I think we still don’t know it well, it is a business that for us distributors is still based on development and exploration, for me it works when the content has a marketing investment by the platform, otherwise the content is lost among thousands of hours and is difficult to monetize. We have tried to focus on very niche content because we see that it is easier to see results there.

Could you mention what have been the latest agreements for content that VIP 2000 TV has closed?

At Iberseries and Mipcom we will be announcing agreements. At the moment we can say that in October we started a movie in Puerto Rico that we will soon be announcing, it is a very special project for us called Padres, it is a film with a great message, we are very excited. Also preparing 3 new films that we will soon be announcing.

At the level of original local production, VIP 2000 TV already has a years-long tradition in creating content. What are the company’s main guidelines in this regard?

Series will continue to be an important line up of the company. We started with this genre several years ago. Latin American Christmas movies with their traditions are a genre that we love and have done very well for us. In 2024 we want to continue exploring it, putting together co-productions in other languages, not just Spanish. Likewise, for next year we are starting production of 3 new films, a new area of the business in which we are betting.

In the last two years, VIP 2000 TV has partnered with A+E Networks for the development, production and distribution of series that vindicate the contemporary role of women, such as the series Amores que Engañan and the film Amor en Navidad. What can you highlight about these alliances, these projects and their respective audiences?

It is a very important alliance for all the companies involved, the message Amores que Engañan has been a great responsibility, they are stories where women have a central role, where there are always opportunities to get ahead and emerge successfully from difficult and complicated situations, the message we are giving about mental illness, gender abuse is important in our region. Likewise, Christmas movies fill us with pride since they show a Latin America of hope and joy, which is what we want the world to know.

What expectations do you have for the 2023 edition of Iberseries?

Iberseries for us is a great opportunity to learn about new trends, connect with colleagues in the industry that generally in other fairs the format of appointments every half hour does not allow you, my experience at Iberseries in the past has been very positive and I am sure it will be repeated. It seems to me that it is an event to strengthen alliances.

And what expectations do you have for upcoming industry events such as MipCancun, Content Américas and Natpe Global?

When the pandemic canceled in-person events, many of us understood the importance of them. In my case, I believe that there is nothing like in-person interaction, we will be present at all 3 events. My position is that before the pandemic, trade events were not giving importance to buyers, who in the end are the most important for us to be present, I hope that no one forgets that they are the basis for any event is successful. Likewise, we distributors, “listen to each other,” understand what is no longer working so that the event is more effective. Competition in any business is good, in this case I just hope it works so that we have better events and can do business, which is in the end what we all want.

How does it feel to be part of an industry association like WAWA? What does this female collaborative alliance leave you as an experience?

A great responsibility, being the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors for me is a great commitment, a few days ago we exceeded 500 members, a great challenge, we still have a lot to do, but we are all very involved, WAWA is an association that we all dedicate to time voluntarily, we all have other jobs, and the level of commitment that we are part of is really impressive, one of the programs that we are most proud of is the mentoring that we have had, it is an obligation for all of us in some way to “give to others” some of what we have received. Grateful for the work done by the 14 Directors of the Board of Directors and the committees that allow the work of the association.

Do you want to add anything else?

I believe that the industry is making one of the most important changes in the business, large mergers, the appearance of new platforms, etc.; But in the end what counts is the relationships, taking care of that part is vital for me, because you will always be current, it is the greatest “capital” that we can all have in the company.