Atrapa a un ladrón, the 10-episode series coproduced by Viacom International Studios Americas and Viacom International Studios Swemea, will premiere on July 31 on Paramount Network Italy.

Atrapa a un ladrón (To Catch A Thief), the coproduction by Viacom International Studios (VIS) Southern and Western Europe, Middle East and Africa; and VIS Américas, will premiere in Italy on Paramount Network on July 31.

The series, based on the Hitchcock film, was created by Javier Olivares (Isabel, The Ministry of Time), one of the most renowned showrunners in Spain.

The 10-episode fiction stars Pablo Echarri from Argentina and Alexandra Jiménez from Spain.

Echarri plays Juan Robles, aka “El Gato” and Jiménez is Lola Garay, a police inspector and Juan’s wife.

Same as in the original movie, the series tells the story of the former thief, who fights to unmask a copycat whose stealing his name.

The series was filmed in Barcelona, Blanes and Tossa de Mar; as well as Buenos Aires.

It was recently presented at the Filming Italy Sardinia Festival on June 13 and 16.

The launch in Italy is the first of many in the international market and follows its premiere on Paramount Network in Spain this past June second.