Produced by Viacom International Studios (VIS), The Mediapro Studio, Telecom and Olympusat; the drama will premiere in 2020 on Telefe and Flow.

Viacom International Studios (VIS), The Mediapro Studio, Telecom and Olympusat announce the end of filming Los Internacionales, the first fiction series set during the Argentine political and economic crisis of 2001. Starring Cecilia Roth and Juan Pablo Shuk, Los Internacionales will be released in 2020 by Telefe and OnDemand through Flow.

Based on Nahuel Gallota’s journalistic novel, The Bogotá Connection, Los Internacionales tells the story of a band of Colombian thieves who decide to travel to Argentina to carry out robberies and dismantle the assets of a society going up in flames.

In 2001, many Argentines are forced to remove their savings and belongings from banks in the face of the deep political and economic crisis. The Internationals crew take advantage of the chaos to carry out their robberies in apartments and houses, stealing excessive amounts of money and precious jewelry, thus becoming legends.

Starring as the protagonists in this captivating story, Cecilia Roth plays prosecutor Marta Costas and Pablo Shuk portrays Fausto, the crew leader. Rafael Ferro, Boy Olmi, Carlos Santamaría, Gustavo Garzón Ramiro Herrera, Sebastián Osorio, Camilo Amores, Christian Vega, Laura Perico and Susana Varela round out this talented cast with special cameos from actors Juan Minujín, Nancy Duplaa and Soledad Silveyra.

Los Internacionales began shooting in early September in Bogotá, Colombia and then onto Buenos Aires, Argentina. The production involved a team of more than 200 on-set professionals for 65 days, with more than 300 scenes recorded in over 40 different outdoor locations.

The ten episodes in the series are directed by renowned directors Martin Hodara (chapters 1 and 2), Pablo Vázquez (chapters 3, 4 and 5) and Pablo Ambrosini (chapters 6, 7 and 8). Written by Martín Méndez, Bruno Luciani and Luciana Porchietto, and supported by the INCAA (National Institute of Audiovisual Arts), Los Internacionales is set to keep audiences on the edge of their seats in 2020.