Present at Conecta Fiction, Federico Cuervo, VPS and director of ViacomCBS International Studios, said that VIS is preparing to resume productions in Latin America.

Federico Cuervo, VPS and director of ViacomCBS International Studios, participated in this new edition of Conecta Fiction, speaking in a keynote moderated by Fabricio Ferrara from Prensario.

And in it, the executive revealed that ViacomCBS International Studios will finally be able to resume production in Latin America, which has been paralyzed since the start of the pandemic in March.

“In terms of production, clearly these five months since March have been time wasted. We had to stop the productions that were underway and others that were intended to start did not start. Now we are resuming all these productions in these days with about four very active months at the end of the year, with many productions to begin”, revealed the executive.

“At the same time during these past few months we took the opportunity to think about how to produce and how to apply the protocols. That is why they have been months that I would say were completely lost, because we took the opportunity to work with the team on new ideas, new formats, develop new stories that we want to produce next year”, he added.

“The relationship with the team has remained intact and we have had a lot of content development and inspiration work,” he completed.

Regarding which will be the first productions to resume, Cuervo pointed out that they will be all the productions that had already been announced, although in the coming days they will share the calendar.

Regarding the protocols, he explained that ViacomCBS has already developed its own, which will be adapted to each of the territories where the company works.

“Within ViacomCBS we have established some super demanding protocols. Our priority is always caring for the people who work with us, be it the producers, the talent… These protocols are in turn adapted to each of the countries,” he explained.

“In some productions we create production bubbles and in others we have other protocols, but they are always international, scientifically and internationally endorsed, which we then adapt to each of the regions. I am confident that it will give us very good results,” he added.

And did they have to modify the scripts to be able to produce? “Some projects had to be rewritten but not much. It really is putting more ingenuity into how to visually show something that was already written and that is important to the story. Some things we tweaked in the stories, but not much and they don’t change the essence,” he said.

“Yes, with the new projects that we began to develop in these months, the writing teams already have incorporated these production changes with which we have to live with, who knows for how long,” he concluded.