ViX+ Announces Premiere Date for La Rebelión Series

Starring Aracely Arámbula, Daniela Vega, Ana Serradilla and Adriana Paz, the series premieres on November 17

La Rebelión (The Rebellion), the highly anticipated melodramatic thriller will premiere on November 17 on ViX+, the subscription-based premium tier of ViX streaming service.

The announcement was accompanied by the official trailer and poster for the 6-episode series starring Aracely Arámbula (La Madrastra), Daniela Vega (Una Mujer Fantástica), Ana Serradilla (El Hubiera Sí Existe) and Adriana Paz (Vis a vis).

Directed by Iñaki Peñafiel (Express, La Cocinera de Castamar) and Chava Cartas (Mirreyes vs Godinez) and written by Adriana Pelusi (Control Z). The series will premiere its first two episodes on November 17, followed by one episode every Thursday.

In La Rebelión, four seemingly happy women decide to leave their homes unexpectedly. Nobody knows where they are but, little by little, the many reasons they had to escape start to be discovered, especially their desire to rebel against their marriages and their lives as housewives, which did not turn out as they thought. But running away has its risks and these women will be united by their journey as well as a shocking murder.

The series focuses on real situations that will spark conversations on issues such as marital relationships, generational traumas, mental health, toxic relationships, social class conflicts, and the dark side of lives that seem perfect. These characters are unaware of the secrets of the people they live with and think they know.

The series also features performances by Alex De La Madrid (Monarca), Arap Bethke (Mujer de Nadie), Macarena García (Control Z), Erik Guecha (La Bandida) and Blanca Guerra (Los Pecados de Bárbara).