The documentary comes thirty years after the premiere of Escalona, a telenovela about singer Rafael Escalona starring Vives, which made him famous. It premieres on April 3 on ViX.

ViX announced that on April 3, it will premiere Regreso a Escalona, a documentary distributed by Caracol Televisión that celebrates the 30-year career of Carlos Vives. The ViX exclusive documentary shows how Rafael Escalona has inspired the singer, who this time pays tribute to him through a new album.

“Time flies, memories fade in our hands; I sing vallenato to catch the moments so that my friend Egidio will never grow old. I’ll be waiting at ViX for a trip back to Escalona,” said Carlos Vives.

The documentary comes thirty years after the premiere of Escalona, a telenovela about singer Rafael Escalona, starring Vives, and the release of the iconic album Clásicos de la Provincia.

In Regreso a Escalona, Carlos Vives embarks on a personal journey, returning to his musical roots in Valledupar, the vallenato capital of the world. This captivating chronicle takes him to meet one of Rafael Escalona’s sons, who preserves his father’s Ford F150 pickup truck, a symbol of their shared heritage.

On this trip with Egidio Cuadrado, Carlos’ accordionist, they meet again with an old school notebook containing the lyrics of the author’s songs of vallenato classics such as “La casa en el aire,” “El Almirante Padilla” or “La Brasileira.”
This celebration was accompanied by the remastered edition of Clásicos de la Provincia 30 años, the album that made him an icon of Latin music.

The Tour de los 30, a grand celebration of this significant musical milestone, spanned throughout 2023. With stops in over ten countries, including iconic cities like New York, Buenos Aires, and Los Angeles, the Tour culminated in a monumental concert in Bogotá, witnessed by a crowd of over 40,000 people. The concert featured renowned musicians such as Juanes, Camilo, and Sebastián Yatra, who, like many others, were deeply influenced by Vives’ music and paid tribute to his remarkable work.